Pay-per-Click for Franchises?

Will Google® Pay-per-Click Ads Work for Franchise Owners?

Franchise Advertising and Marketing with Pay-per-Click Ads.

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Yes, Pay-per-Click Ads are ideal for a franchise website – even if the franchisor owns the website.  Since many franchisors own and operate the website for the franchisees, it can be difficult to make changes to your business’s website for SEO and other means of driving online traffic to your website and your business.  Since PPC Ads do NOT require any changes to a website, they are an ideal way to promote your franchise business on Google.

It’s also important to note that we set up franchise Pay-per-Click campaigns to promote your local business, not the franchisor’s main website.  We do this by setting up the links in your ads to go directly to your individual page on the franchisor website – not the home page.  This saves the customer time and they will typically see your local contact information immediately without having to navigate the franchisor website to find the local franchise.  If there are multiple franchises within a particular city, this also helps the customer find your location before the other franchise owners in the area.

As long as your franchisor isn’t currently promoting the entire franchise with PPC, then Third Marble Marketing can help you grow your franchise with our affordable Google Pay-per-Click Ads.  Our process is the same whether you own your franchise’s website or not.

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