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Are your customers finding your business online?

People are searching Google for your business right now. If your business’s website isn’t on Page One of Google, then you just lost a customer. Maybe they just called your competitor. Are you ready to compete? Are you ready to grow your business? We can help. Call us!

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Google AdWords Management Richmond VA.

SEO and Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Can Help Your Business Grow.

People use Google to find everything. If your local business isn’t appearing on Page One of Google, then people probably can’t find your business. There are three ways you can be on Page One of Google:

  1. Organic Search Results via Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Paid Ads via Google Ads
  3. Google Maps via Google Business

Third Marble can help your business appear for all three of these strategies.

We know there are plenty of advertising strategies for a local business – newspapers, radio, magazines, TV, billboards, direct mail, etc. But where do most people actually look for a business? That’s right: Google. So doesn’t it make sense to advertise where people are looking for your business?

“We’ve always done print advertising, until Third Marble Marketing came along and made us internet marketing believers. No more print, Third Marble is in total charge of our budget and SEO. THEY ARE THE BEST, and we should know.  We’ve been around for 17 years. Thank you Third Marble for everything.”

Todd B

Small Business Owner

How We Help People Find Your Business:

Pay-per-Click Ads

Getting found at the top of the page in the “Ads” section is the quickest way to be on Page One. You only pay for clicks to your website, so it can be very effective.

Google Maps

Getting found on Google Maps is through something called Google Business. It’s a free listing, but getting to Page One involves making sure all your online citations are working hard for you too.


Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of getting found in the organic section of Page One. It takes time to get your business indexed, but the long-term results can pay dividends.

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