AdWords Management for Franchises

AdWords is a great way to drive local traffic to your franchise website!

Ready for more customers?

Most franchisors spend considerable time and money to get their websites working to convert visitors to leads, but often fall a little short on actually getting people to visit that website.  AdWords is a great solution.  AdWords is one of the best ways to drive quality, local traffic to your website pages to leverage your franchise website.

If you have products or services that people need, then those people are searching for your products or services on Google.  AdWords can put your ad at the top of the Google search results page where that potential customer is most likely to find you and click through to your website.  Without AdWords, that potential customer is less likely to find your franchise website and more likely to find your local competition instead.

Think about it.  What other marketing strategy targets people located in your area at the EXACT MOMENT they are looking for your products or services?



AdWords for Franchise Owners

“We were using Reach Local, but Third Marble delivered literally twice as many leads at half the cost.  If you want great service and profitable results, we recommend you call Third Marble today.”

Hunter M.

Marketing Director, National Career College Franchise

How Much Does Our AdWords Management Service Cost?

One-Time Setup Fee: $100

Monthly Management Fee: $99 + 10% of your Google Click Budget

Google Click Budget: $300/month (minimum)

Example: A company with a $600/month Google Click Budget would have a Monthly Management Fee of $159 ($99 + $60).

We usually recommend that most franchise owners start with a smaller Click Budget ($300 to $600), then scale to larger budgets once we know the ads are profitable.

For a complete list of our management fees, please visit our AdWords Management Prices page.

Common Questions about AdWords Management for Franchises

Does AdWords Work With My Franchisor’s Website?

Yes.  The ads simply link to pages on your franchise website, so potential customers see your local contact information.  We do not need to make any changes to the website to run a Search Ad campaign.

How Are You Different From The “Former Phone Book Agencies”?

Third Marble will never lock you into a contract, ever!  We allow you to change your budget, pause, and restart whenever you want. We don’t hide our fees or your data.  Transparency is important to us.  We answer our phones and our emails.  (Tip: Before you hire any agency, read their online reviews.)

How Long Does It Take?

Once we have everything we need to get your account set up, we usually get new accounts started within 5 business days.  The ads will start to appear within a few hours.  Then, as we collect data, we use it to continuously optimize the account to get you more customers.

How Much Are The Clicks?

Click costs vary by industry and can be greatly influenced by geography and a few other factors.  In general, the more expensive your product or service, and the higher the competition, the higher the click costs.  Most industries pay between $2 and $5 per click.  Highly competitive industries can pay $10 to $30 per click.  Until we test it, we really won’t know.

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