More PPC Leads At A Lower Cost For Worker’s Comp Lawyer Case Study

This particular law firm had 1 location and wanted to run ads in a 20-mile radius around their office. Their goal was to increase their conversions and decrease their average cost per conversion.

In the third quarter of 2018, their average cost per conversion was $530. By the third quarter in 2019, the client’s average cost per conversion was down to $180 (green line in the graph below). In one year, their conversions (phone calls) increased from four to twenty-six.

Here’s how we did it!

First, we got creative with some of their keywords and organized their ad groups. We created an ad group explicitly targeting searchers asking Google questions about worker’s compensation. For example, “how to file workers comp claim,” or “what is workers comp.” Also, we set up another ad group that targeted “non-lawyer” keywords about worker’s compensation – for example, “car accident at work,” or “injured while working.”

By setting up a low bid on these keywords to drive inexpensive traffic to the site, it encouraged people to call the lawyer with their questions. In the chart below, you can see that the “Workers Compensation Questions” and the “Workers Compensation – No Lawyer Words” have the lowest cost per conversion.

While this tactic was successful, we found that there was a lower conversion-to-cost ratio. However, in combination with an ad group for traditional”workers comp lawyer near me” keywords, we were able to increase their conversions and decrease their cost per conversion significantly.