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Google My Business Case Study

A story of a business that had a great Google My Business set-up, but lost it.

What Happened?

Around November 15, 2016, a franchise business owner found out his Google My Business page was suspended for violating Google policies. His franchiser had hired a black hat SEO company to spam their franchisees to the top of page one. He called Third Marble for help, but because we had no way to access the franchise website, we were unable to offer much assistance.

This business owner had a completed profile and a 4.9 star rating with well over 20 reviews. The address was correct and the profile was complete, according to the business owner.  Two months later the business owner called again in desperation. His business was down roughly 50% since he lost his Google My Business page. Unfortunately, there was little Third Marble could do to help without the franchiser website access.


Google My Business Case Study

What Did We Learn?

For starters, if a business with a well-optimized and well-reviewed Google My Business page suddenly loses that page, then loses 50% of his revenue, then we can conclude a business without a Google My Business page would see a substantial increase in business with a well-optimized and well-reviewed page.

The second thing we learned is that franchisees should be wary of the agencies that their franchiser hires.

The third thing we learned is that doing anything that violates Google’s policies will eventually get you blacklisted.

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