Google Ads Management

Coming soon – Google AdWords will be able to track your store traffic driven by AdWords.

Retail locations, such as restaurants, dentists, mechanics, grocery stores and banks, have a major issue with AdWords. It’s nearly impossible to track conversions and prove an ROI. Most AdWords conversion tracking involves either visiting a particular web page or calling a tracking phone number. Yet retail destinations get “foot traffic”, not phone calls. Google is about to fix that problem.

Google Android and Apple have features that track the location of your smart phone. It’s called Location History. Google is now rolling-out a feature in AdWords that can link a user’s Location History to the AdWords clicks. So, if a person clicks on an AdWords ad, then visits your store’s location within a certain time period, that store visit is considered a conversion.

Yes this sounds like “Big Brother is Watching“, but Google hopes this feature will convince more businesses that depend on foot traffic to try AdWords.