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Looking for PPC Management Pricing that Makes Sense?

At Third Marble, we believe in being transparent with all of our PPC Management prices. If you have been to other websites, it’s hard to find their pricing. That’s why we put all our prices on our website to make it easy to find:


Not only do we have some of the best prices, but the best service too. (Read our Google Ads Management reviews.)  We are 100% transparent with your account, never require a contract, respond to your requests quickly and all of the work is completed in the USA in our office in Richmond, VA.

Google Ads / AdWords Management Pricing Comparison for Agencies

Are you a web design agency or marketing agency looking for an Google Ads management partner? Read about our Google Ads Management for Agencies.

Researching PPC Management Prices Can Be Confusing

So we put together the chart below to help you understand the different PPC management pricing methods used by agencies. Hopefully, this will help you understand the basic plans and costs that are out there for small to mid-sized business. Don’t take our word for it. Call around and ask about pricing. There are also a few other questions you should ask that we outlined for you (see below).

Many website don’t put their prices online. We never understood that, so we’ve researched and asked around too. We hope the chart below helps.


Agencies use a variety of structures in their Google Ads and PPC management prices. To make sure we’re comparing apples-to-apples, this chart compares Monthly Management Prices based on a $1000 / month click budget.

  • Agencies with minimums greater than $1000 are calculated as if they allowed a $1000 / month click budget.
  • Monthly Fees are in addition to the $1000 in Google charges.
  • For Agencies that charge a flat rate, like $1500/mo and take 33% of that as a fee, we subtracted $1000 for clicks, and used $500 for the Management Fee.
Company Description*Contract TypeSet-up FeeMonthly PPC Management FeeMin. Monthly Click Budget
ppc expert prices.A Software Company’s “Small Business PPC Package”Month to Month$499$800
(base + %)
PPC company fees.A PPC Management Company’s “Low Budget PPC Service”3-Month Minimum$1,495$450
(Flat Rate)
ppc price comps.A PPC Management Company “PPC Program”12-Month Contract$995$750
(Keyword Count)
Comparing prices for AdWords managemnt services.A Top SEO Company’s “PPC Management Pricing”Month to Month$500$495
(Tiered Fees)
PPC pricesA Website Design Agency’s “PPC Management Pricing”Month to Month$2,400$600
($150/Hour x 4)
Comparing AdWords managment prices and fees.An Online Marketer of Local Businesses “PPC Services”3-Month Minimum$150$400
(40% of Spend)
Pricing for PPC management.A Phone Book Company’s “Local Ad Program”12-Month Contract$0$550
(35% of Total)
ppc pricesAn Online Marketer of Local Businesses “PPC Management”3-Month Minimum$250$500
(50% of Spend)
Third Marble pricing comparison chart.  Third Marble “Google Ads Management”  No Contract  $100  $199
($99 + 10%)

* Sorry, but we had to remove the actual company names from this chart after someone else’s lawyers contacted us.

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What Should You Look Out For When Shopping PPC Management Prices?

When evaluating different company’s PPC management prices, make sure you find out how much of the click costs actually go to Google Ads. Many of the larger agencies charge a flat rate each month. This raises a few questions:

  1. How much of your bill is actually going to the PPC ads and how much is going to the agency?
  2. If they can’t tell you the amount spent on clicks, then how can they possibly report the results to you? What’s your cost per click? How much did you spend on each keyword? What happens if they underspend the clicks by $100 – do you get a refund?
  3. What happens if you increase or decrease your budget? How much do they get then? Is it a flat rate, or a percent of spend? (Can you even change your monthly budget with them?)
  4. If they don’t give you the breakout of their management fees and the cost of the PPC clicks, can they show you the data from your Google Ads account? It’s your data. You paid for it. If they will not give you access to your Google Ads account, what are they hiding from you? You’ll never know.
  5. What happens if you want to change PPC Management companies? If they can’t show you the actual Google Ads account, how can they transfer your data to your new agency? Your new agency will have to start from scratch, which means you’ll have to pay for their learning curve on your data. Going with an agency that won’t give you access to your Google Ads account is a big red flag.

Google AdWords PPC Management Partner.At Third Marble, our Google Ads management prices are our only source of income. We enter your credit card into the Google Ads system so you know exactly how much you paid Third Marble and how much you paid Google. We are 100% transparent with our prices and all of your data in our reporting. Other companies are not. You may pay them $1000 per month, but only $500 actually goes to pay for the ads (see our blog post), and who knows where the other $500 goes. Make sure you understand their fees.

Our reporting is very comprehensive. Even our smaller accounts get at least 15 pages of reporting every month. This includes impressions, clicks, conversions, costs and cost per click for your top keywords, ads, campaigns, ad groups, geography, time of day and day of week. If you need a custom report on a regular basis, we can even set one up for you.

Regardless of which PPC Management company you use, make sure you ask for reports detailing, at the very minimum, impressions, clicks and cost by keyword, ad group and campaign each month (and make sure it matches to your credit card statement).

Why Only Google Ads Management (not Yahoo / Bing)?

Why Only Google Ads Management? Because Google is where everyone goes to find a local business. Bing does not have a mobile presence and most people find local businesses on their mobile phones.

As you can see, the PPC management prices vary widely and can be confusing. If you’re looking for a small monthly budget, or just want to get started with online advertising, it doesn’t make much sense to spend money on building elaborate campaigns across multiple platforms. Google is roughly 85% of the local search engine traffic for small businesses.  Why spend two to three times as much in PPC management fees to only get 10-15% more traffic?

If you spend $500 per month in clicks, paying someone another $400 / month in PPC management fees just to get you $50 to $75 more in clicks by adding Bing doesn’t make business sense. If your company is running $5000 or more per month in PPC ads, then yes, adding Bing / Yahoo to get an additional $500 to $700 in clicks can make sense. If your company needs Bing and Yahoo PPC ads, then Third Marble may not be the best choice for your company.

PPC Management Price comparison for different agencies

More people use Google to find local businesses than anything else. Advertise where people look for your business.

What About Google Ads Management for Small & Local Businesses?

We love to work with small businesses that have budgets in the $300 to $3000 per month range. We have resources dedicated to budgets under $3000 per month and have engineered our processes to be super efficient so we can keep out costs low – even if you only want to spend $300 each month for clicks. Because we can keep our focus on businesses that want to advertise locally, we don’t need the overhead associated with giant e-commerce or national advertisers that have thousands of locations.

Agencies that manage large PPC accounts and offer dozens of services have layers of supervisors and managers that only increase the cost of managing your Google Ads campaigns. Their employees might only work on Google Ads one or two hours per week since they have to worry about website design meetings, hosting issues, website updates, social media plans, getting the next Facebook post put together, writing email blasts, creating new images, etc…  Then they have to coordinate all that activity with the rest of their team in lengthy meetings – that ALL get billed to you.

At Third Marble, we are specialists. We spend all day working on Google Ads Management. Nothing else. We do one thing and do it well.

If you’re a business that only wants to spend a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars each month in PPC ads, and you choose to go with an agency that also manages much larger accounts, prepare to be the “small fish in the big pond.” Expect minimal customer service because you will not be that important to them.  At Third Marble, 80% of our accounts only spend between $300 and $3000 each month in clicks. That’s our specialty.

What About Larger Google Ads Accounts?

If you have a Google Ads account and would like to spend over $10,000 per month, we consider that to be a large account. Large accounts require more attention and work; those accounts are managed by our large accounts team. Whether you’re a business with multiple locations or a national e-commerce website, we can help manage your Google Ads campaign. Our Google Ads Management Fees for large accounts tend to be under 10% of the budget and depend more on the complexity of the account than the budget. A simple shopping campaign can be as low as 7% of the budget.

If you’re interested, please call us to discuss your goals, and we’ll prepare a custom quote for you.

Pay-per-click management prices from the team at Third Marble.

What Next?

Choosing a PPC Management Partner can be a challenge. Many business owners have very little experience with pay-per-click ads and are constantly bombarded with scam telemarketing phone calls and emails telling them they aren’t on page one. (These are total scams – they call us all the time too.)  Here are a few things you should do before signing any contract:

  1. Check the website for a Google Partner Badge. Click on it and make sure it’s linked to the official Google Partner database. That page says if they are in good standing with Google.
  2. Do a little research. Simply Google the agency’s name, city and state. Check out their online reviews by Googling the agency’s name and the word “reviews”, for example “Third Marble Marketing reviews.”
  3. If you can’t find an address for the agency you’re considering on their website, that’s a huge red flag. If they don’t have any reviews – red flag. If they have multiple bad reviews – red flag.
  4. If they don’t publish their PPC management prices on their website, you’ll have to contact them for a quote. 
  5. Narrow the list down to a few and make some calls. Ask the important questions (see below).
  6. Take notes and make the choice that’s right for your company.

Questions About Our Google Ads Management Prices & Services?

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Questions to ask a PPC Management Company:

  • What are your PPC management fees? If they don’t break-out their fees from the click costs, how will you know how much goes to the agency and how much goes to the clicks?
  • What are your set-up fees?
  • What types of ads are included in your PPC management fees? Search engine ads? Remarketing ads? Display ads? Video?
  • What platforms does that include? Google Ads? Bing AdCenter? Facebook Ads? LinkedIn Ads?
  • After the set-up, are there any fees for changing my PPC ads, creating news ads or making any other changes?
  • If I need to pause the ads for a few months or a few weeks, can I pause at anytime and are there any charges for doing so?
  • If I want to change my budget at anytime, can I? What happens if I want to go from $3000 / month down to $300 / month?
  • How often do you provide reports and what data will be on your reports? (Google Partners are required a minimum reporting of once per month with at least impressions, clicks and costs actually paid to Google without commissions or mark-ups. You’d be surprised how many agencies do not report this basic information.)
  • For the people doing the work on my Google Ads account, what city are they in? Are they your employees, or do you outsource any or all of the PPC management work to another company or freelancers?
  • How many Google Ads accounts does your agency currently manage? (Most local web design agencies only manage a handful of PPC accounts and usually outsource the work to an overseas company.)
  • If I choose to switch to another PPC management agency, will you transfer my Google Ads (and / or Bing) account to my new agency? Will I have access to my account? (It’s your data and your account. If they won’t give you access, that means they’re hiding something, or they don’t want another agency to audit their work.)
  • If you offer call tracking, do I get to keep my business’s phone numbers? If not, what happens to those tracking phone numbers after we part ways?
  • Will you create any web pages or websites as part of your service? (Be very careful of the agencies that create a copy of your website. This creates “duplicate content” on the web and may hurt your organic rankings.) If you create a new website, who owns the domain – your agency, or my company?
  • Will you alter any of my web pages, or any of my online properties like my Facebook page, my Yelp page, my Google My Business account, or any other of my web properties? (If so – red flag. Agencies that alter your online properties can take their tracking phone number and put it all over the web. When someone searches for the name of your business, they may call the agency’s tracking phone number instead of your real phone number and the agency will take credit for that call. These calls are not incremental business for you. We call this tactic “brand theft”.)
  • If I’m not happy with the leads I’m getting, can I terminate your PPC management service at anytime? If not, what are your termination terms?

Here are a few links to other PPC Management Pricing pages:

(Please note: These PPC management prices and links are subject to change without our knowledge. These prices do not include the cost of the clicks.)

Why are Third Marble’s PPC Management Fees so Low?

Simple – we focus on the 80/20 Rule. Since Google will get you 80% of the results with 20% of the effort, we stick with Google Ads. Less work, easier reporting, more results. Since we don’t run large national e-commerce campaigns with 1000’s of products that constantly change, multiple platforms and complicated reporting, you’re not paying for all that overhead and unnecessary work. The average small, local business owner doesn’t need that level of PPC management.

We keep it simple and focused.

You want your website to show up on page one of Google when someone near you googles your services. We get it.


We hope this helps!  If you have any questions about our PPC management pricing, please call or email us.

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