Google Ads Management

Our 5 Google Ads Management Services & Pricing:

Search, Remarketing, Display, Shopping, and YouTube Ads Management.

Set Up Includes:


  • Google Ads Account Creation

  • Full Website / Landing Page Review

  • Keyword Research

  • Ad Copywriting

  • Call Out, Sitelink and Call Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Mobile, Desktop and Tablet Configuration


For Google Ads Budgets over $10,000 / month, we typically discount our rates based on the complexity of the account. Please call us for a quote.


There are NEVER any long-term contracts with our Google Ads Management Services. Feel free to stop, pause or restart your ads at anytime. You can also increase or decrease your monthly budget whenever you want.  We want to be as flexible as we can so we can help your business grow.

If you don't currently have a Google Ads account, we will provide you with one of Google's $150 Off Coupons as well. The coupons will only work with brand new Google Ads accounts.


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Adding Call Tracking To Your Google Ads


Pairing call tracking with your Google Ads campaign will help your Google Ads Management Team optimize your account to provide optimal results. When used correctly, it can help a business scale their growth. There are two options to utilize with your Google Ads campaign. A free Google generated code for conversion tracking or purchasing a call tracking system, like Call Rail.

Call Tracking Partner


  • Paid for service
  • Can track multiple phone numbers - numbers forward to your business line
  • Records call statistics - caller ID, duration of call, records calls, and more
  • No hardware required - installed digitally
Google Call Tracking


  • Free through Google
  • Can only use with one phone number
  • Doesn't record call statistics
  • Simply install a generated code onto every page of your website

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