Google Ads Management Prices


Google Ads Management Prices for Click Budgets $150 to $6000 / MONTH

“10%” means 10% of the monthly Google Ads Click Budget. 

For example, the Monthly Management Fee for a $1000 Google Ads Click Budget for just Search Ads would be $199 + 10% x $1000 = $299.


Google Ads Management Prices for Click Budgets MORE THAN $6000 / MONTH

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Set Up Includes:

  • Google Ads Account Creation
  • Website / Landing Page Review
  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Ad Extension Creation
  • Conversion Tracking Codes
  • Mobile, Desktop and Tablet Configuration

Our set up process involves creating an initial set of ads, then letting them run for a few days to a few weeks to collect data. We then review the data and add more keywords and ads as needed. After enough data is collected, we begin to implement some of Google’s very powerful Smart Models. These learning models can take a few weeks before improving the initial results. We always ask our clients to be patient during the first few months. As we like to say, “The ads are instant, but profit takes time.”

For Display, Remarketing and YouTube Ads, the client must provide the images and videos. Third Marble’s set up fees do not include graphic design or video editing services.


Google Ads Management Prices


Adding Call Tracking To Your Google Ads


Pairing call tracking with your Google Ads campaign will help your Google Ads Management Team optimize your account to provide optimal results. When used correctly, it can help a business scale their growth. There are two options to utilize with your Google Ads campaign. A free Google generated code for conversion tracking or purchasing a call tracking system, like CallRail.

Whichever call tracking option you choose, all our Google Ads Management Prices include either call tracking option. We will even assist with the implementation, if needed.


Call Tracking Partner
  • Paid for service (CallRail prices)
  • Can track multiple phone numbers – numbers forward to your business line
  • Records call statistics – caller ID, duration of call, records calls, and more
  • No hardware required – installed digitally
  • Phone numbers are included
Google Call Tracking
  • Free through Google Ads
  • Can only use with one phone number
  • Doesn’t record call statistics
  • Simply install a generated code onto every page of your website
  • Phone numbers are included

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