Agency PPC Services

Pay-per-Click Services for Agencies

Third Marble Marketing partners with advertising agencies (including SEO companies and online advertising) and web development companies to help them increase their list of value-added services for their clients.  We can work with your clients as a sub-contracted service to help your clients get more from their websites.  Since we only perform Google AdWords services, we usually won’t compete with your existing services.  In fact, we usually complement your services.

We offer two main services for Agencies:

  1. Simple Pay-per-Click service on Google’s Search Network.  Text based ads display on and other Google search engines when someone enters a keyword phrase related to your client’s business / website.
  2. Display Ads on third party websites. You provide the ads (images, animations, video and/or text ads) and we can use Google’s advertising reach to display your client’s message on thousands of websites on computers in your client’s target geographic area.

For example, a website design company will build a website for a client.  That client returns a few weeks after the site goes live and says “I just paid all this money for a website, but I haven’t had any more phones calls or sales.  Why?”  The website design company could use Third Marble Marketing’s Local Google Pay-per-Click Advertising Service as a way to drive traffic to the new website within a few days.  The business owner is happy with the website because he’s getting phone calls from it.

An Advertising Agency might be producing a new direct mail piece.  They know that the piece is going to drive people to the internet to search for more information on the subject.  We can set-up a campaign that will display their client’s ad when a person enters any one of the many terms found on the direct mail piece.  As an Ad Agency, you may also want that message to appear on computers in that targeted area – we can manage that process for you as well.  We can even have image ads display on computers that have recently visited your client’s website – further reinforcing the message and brand.  Since this is “Pay-per-Click”, your client only pays when someone clicks on the ad, not on the number of impressions the ads get.

If you own or manage an agency or a website design company that works with small, local businesses, give us a call to discuss how we can add more value to your clients today: