Google Ads Management

Is hiring Third Marble this more beneficial than just going straight to Google?

You need to understand that Google hires 20-somethings that have no business experience – like math and science geeks (see the pizza restaurant scene in the movie “The Internship”) and pays them six figures. They are trained to maximize Google’s revenues. As a small business owner looking to spend only a few hundred dollars a month, vs. the national advertisers that spend a few hundred thousand dollars every month, you will probably not get the most experienced reps. Google does over $60 billion in pay-per-click revenues and their stock price is dictated on that number increasing constantly. If you’re a small business, then having Google plug your account into a cookie-cutter program that is designed to maximize their revenues may not be the best solution for your business. It may save you a little in expenses, but you won’t get a well run campaign that’s designed to put your business’s interests first. It’s sort of like putting the fox in charge of your hen house.
By example, we worked with a maid service client that was spending about $700 per month in clicks. Google called them to see if they needed help, so he figured “Why pay Third Marble?” and ended our service. Five months later, he called us to re-start. Google had him spending $2000 per month and his phone calls were 1/2 what they were when we were managing the account.
Why? Well this company only did residential home cleanings – no power washing, no janitorial / office, no window cleaning, etc. After getting back into the account to see what Google did, it was obvious Google plugged him into their cookie-cutter, one-size fits all approach to local PPC.  They had included keywords like “office cleaning”, “janitors”, “window cleaning”, “power washing”, etc…  They didn’t set-up any blocking of unwanted words, so 40% of the clicks were from people looking for a job. We saw clicks from words like “janitorial jobs”, “maid services hiring”, etc..
Bottom line – we figured 75% of the clicks he paid for were unrelated to his service. We re-started our service, went back to the set-up we had before, dropped his budget back down to $700 and his phone started ringing again. This was 2 years ago and he’s still a client.