We are thrilled to announce our Tenth Anniversary to Richmond!

(and the rest of the world..)

To understand where we are now, we took a moment to look at and appreciate our past. In 2009 our President, Chris Fawcett founded Third Marble Marketing with one goal in mind. To help small business owners get their fair share of marketing on the internet affordably and efficiently. Starting in the basement of his family home and a handful of clients, he got to work. Fawcett grew his business and knowledge of Google Ads (then AdWords). Added new clients to his base and started hiring strategic folks who would help him build his company to what it is today. In what feels like ten short years, Fawcett grew his company from two Richmond local clients to over a hundred and seventy clients all over this country and overseas. We’ve worked on thousands of campaigns to help local businesses get their return on investment.  Eventually, we expanded our services to include all versions of Google Ads (Search, Display, Remarketing, Shopping, and YouTube) and Search Engine Optimization. All while maintaining our goal to help small business owners with affordable and efficient Google Ads Management.

To celebrate this incredible milestone, the entire team and Fawcett’s close family members enjoyed a dinner together. The night was full of stories from humble beginnings as family-style dishes made their way around the table. Reminiscing on the past and the start of it all made us increasingly optimistic for the future. We are confident the same faces we had around the table that night will be with this company in another ten, twenty, even thirty years. 

Returning to the office on Monday, we knew it was important to reevaluate our company’s vision, mission statement, and core values. So as a team, we spent a full afternoon honing in on what we wanted Third Marble Marketing to stand for. How we want the communities we work with to view us and what truly makes our company unique. Here’s what we came up with:

Our vision is to Help Local Economies Grow. Small businesses create over 65% of all new jobs in America (according to the SBA). Small business owners don’t have the time to fully understand the complicated, ever-changing online marketing systems that connect the modern consumer with their business. We bridge that gap. By making digital marketing accessible, affordable, and easy to understand, we help local businesses grow so they can hire more people from their community. 

Our mission is to Engineer Affordable Google Solutions To Grow Your Business.

Our core values are to be Client-Focused, Transparent, Efficient, Collaborative, and Excellent In Our Industry.

We are client-focused. Our number one priority is you – the client. Our roots are in small business, and we understand the many hats local business owners wear every day. We know the value of every dollar you put towards your marketing efforts and the livelihood your business provides for your employees.

We are transparent. We understand that while our expertise is Google Ads – yours is your industry. That’s why we are completely transparent with our processes, the data from your Google Ads account, and marketing advice. We believe in building trust with our clients, and the first step towards trust is transparency. Your Account Manager will review as much or as little detail as you prefer about your Google Ads campaigns.

We are efficient. We know the importance of every dollar you put towards growing your business with Google. That’s why we make sure our company runs as efficiently as possible to provide our clients with the most affordable Google Ads Management option on the market.

We are collaborative. As Google Ads experts, we could never understand your industry or business the way you do. That’s why we view our partnership with each business owner as a collaborative effort. Your Account Manager will learn from you and extensively review your website to ensure our team moves your campaigns in the appropriate direction.

We are excellent in our industry. Google is an ever-evolving company and search engine. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with every pivot in technology, change to a policy, and program updates. Being excellent in our industry ensures the best assistance to local small businesses in the world of Google. 

We want to thank our local community, family, co-workers, agency partners, Google, and our amazing clients for the last ten years. We are thrilled to be still providing you service, to have the opportunity to grow our company, and to get you the best results we can.

From our team to yours, happy anniversary and cheers to another ten years!