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Artificial Intelligence and Search Engine Optimization …

The Formula to Keep Your Company on Page One of Google Searches


Artificial intelligence (AI) makes the news more and more often as it heralds an age where machines replace people. But that’s future-talk … not today’s reality … or is it?

In answer to that question let me interrupt this written article with a 4 minute video … and then you decide whether the future is now or at least about to be. Click on the image below for a mind-blowing demo:

OK. What you just viewed and experienced is an application that can mimic human interactions … in this case scheduling an appointment at a hair salon or booking a table reservation at a restaurant. Artificial intelligence is making search more human. Although search does not yet “speak” to users in the same way as shown in the above video, Google’s objective is clear … we’re not far off major shifts in what will drive search engine optimization. And that will significantly impact your efforts to keep your company on Page One of Google searches.

So let’s put some definition around the terms search engine optimization and artificial intelligence. From there we’ll take a look at the marketing synergy that linking the two will deliver.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing strategy that will drive more visibility for your business, establish you as a thought leader and convert more qualified inbound leads who are seeking what you offer. To be effective your strategy must be alert and responsive to the continuing evolution of the search engines, particularly Google. That means being nimble and proactive in perfecting your strategy as search algorithms and market conditions advance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now evolved from “interesting but futuristic” status to a “joined-at-the-hip” partner in perfecting SEO strategies. AI has advanced from an idea to program a machine to demonstrate intelligence to its ever-accelerating capabilities to communicate by listening and learning human interactions. In other words, it listens and learns.

That data is then translated to feedback that improves the accuracy of online searches.

Effectively, AI is making search more human by enhancing personalized experiences. Customers are beginning to demand more personalized customer service. This includes service from search engines. Because AI can better understand user intent, internet searches can pick up exactly what the audience is looking for. That way, search engines dig up the most relevant responses every time.

When it comes to online searches, Google remains the singularly dominant player. As such their intellectual property, their algorithm, is constantly changing with increased velocity as Google pursues their stated commitment to constantly expand AI applications.

Google’s main focus is to improve the relevance of content for the searcher.

In a further move to employ new automated processes for Google Ads, Google announced it will use AI and related technologies to make suggestions for optimizing ad campaigns run on the platform. This will further enhance desired responses to Google Ads by truly interested prospects.

Pay-per-Click will take on a whole new dimension to boost your online traffic and conversions.

One more notable Google advance is Google’s RankBrain technology. It employs machine learning to understand the meaning of the content it reviews electronically and then shows users pages that do not include the words they initially looked for, but which contain information related to the idea or category of the query. This new system analyzes all Google searches, making it the third-most important ranking factor.

Click here if you want to deep dive into 5 ways SEO experts say you should optimize for RankBrain. Better yet, call us and we’ll fill you in.

Now think about the marketing power behind matching customers to businesses … immediately, seamlessly and with a superior customer experience in convenience and time-savings!

Business owners and decision-makers … what are your plans to get aboard this fast moving AI train to ensure your competitive advantage?

So AI is real and will continue to have marketing impact on an ever-increasing incline to maximize the results of SEO. In just the last few years, SEO has moved from tweaking a few things on a website, to adding relevant links, to providing meaningful content, and now customer engagement in a whole new dimension through AI.

With Google leading this technological parade, AI will be implemented more and more to power their Google Ads and Google Search Results. That means Google will likely prevail as the absolute choice to market your business online.

This surge in sophisticated, technology-rich AI applications to SEO also means the days of DIY are over for virtually all business owners, decision-makers and marketing firms serving this huge market segment. SEO strategy and execution is a profession unto itself. You are well-advised to seek proven expertise just as you do with your accountant, attorney or other trusted advisors.


So we’ve covered a lot of ground making the case for the critical need for online business marketers to position themselves for optimum exposure to Google searches in this burgeoning era of increasing AI dominance. That means you will be at the top of the vendors list when your customers, prospects and referral resources are searching for what you can deliver. If you are not at the top of the vendors list, i.e. Page One of Google, then you just lost a customer to a competitor who has successfully done what is necessary to occupy that critical position.

We at Third Marble Marketing continue to stay current with and deliver to our clients the latest in applying the AI/SEO juggernaut of marketing change to drive the right people to the threshold of sales conversion at their websites. That happens when you are consistently on Page One of Google.

What To Do?

Now your choices are do-it-yourself or invest in third-party, professional SEO services. It is likely that you are already wearing several hats as a business owner and ladling in yet another marketing responsibility is probably not an option … particularly if you have to master the learning curve of effective SEO in the age of AI as the new driver.

Why not rely on a resource that delivers proven, successful strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads, improve your SEO strategy, feature you on Page One of Google and drive pre-qualified traffic to your website?

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