What is SEO?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization and is the art and science of convincing the search engines, like Google, that your website is the most relevant website or web page for the term that a particular person is searching. The search engines use algorithms to determine the relevancy of a web page, so most of what an SEO agency does is try to guess the variables in the algorithm and then make changes to a website to improve the “score” of that page to be greater than all the other pages on the internet for that search term. The search results affected by SEO are the listing in the “organic” section of the search engine’s results page. Unlike Pay-per-Click ads, the organic section is completely determined by the algorithms and these positions cannot be bought or paid for – they need to be earned. Google and the other search engines continuously make edits and changes to these algorithms to make sure their users get the best results possible. As more people try to “scam” the results listings, Google makes changes to their algorithms to block them. These changes are good for websites that try to follow the rules, but often creates additional work to maintain top page positions.

Why is Page One So Important?

Since most search engine users click on listings on the first page of search results, being on any page other than page one often means potential customers will never see your organic listings. It is widely know that most people will start at the top of the page and read down. In fact, most people don’t scroll below “the fold”, the bottom edge of the screen, so being in the top spots will yield more clicks to your website. The higher your business is on page one for your top keywords, the more traffic and business you’ll get.

Why is it Difficult to Get to Page One?

Getting to the top of page one can be difficult, especially if you’re in a very competitive industry. If your competitors have been optimizing their websites for years, they have a major advantage over your website. You’ll have a lot of catching up to do. The idea of getting to page one is to convince the search engine’s algorithm to give you more points that all of your competitors for a particular keyword phrase. If you have competitors that have 300 elements already SEO’ed, then you’ll need to get those 300 in place and a few more to beat them. If you don’t have much competition, then getting to page one can be fairly easy.

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Food for Thought: The businesses that recovered quickly from the recession in 2008 advertised heavily during the recovery to gain market share faster. Many businesses have called us already looking to rebuild by using their PPP and EIDL loans for Google Ads and SEO. 

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