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The goal of any SEO keyword strategy is to maximize your return on investment. What many agencies fail to realize about keywords and their page positions is that it’s not constant. Just because you’re ranked in a top position one day, doesn’t mean you’ll be there the next. There are several constantly changing variables:

  • Google algorithm changes
  • Competitor changes
  • New websites and webpages
  • Changes to devices and software

It’s never a “set it and forget it” strategy. Our Local SEO Service is constantly making improvements to maximize your sales.

SEO Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy – The Initial List

The first step in a new SEO project is to determine an existing list of keywords. Many agencies start with the list of keywords that are already ranking on page two or three and try to improve their ranking. But what if no one ever searches for that keyword? What if you don’t currently offer that type of product or service?

That’s not optimizing your revenue, that’s optimizing random keywords.

We start with what your website is about. Those are the keywords that are going to drive sales for your business.

But we also need to consider your geography. Google Maps and Google Search Results can often have two different keyword strategies. If you are located in the suburbs, but want to do business in the main city where everyone lives, then we need to consider a different keyword strategy for Google Maps and your Google My Business information.

Our “near me” keyword strategy is focused on improving your exposure on Google Maps and Google My Business. With the constant increase in searches performed on mobile devices, the “near me” keyword strategy is more important than ever. So our initial keyword research always includes a list of “near me” search terms.


Keyword Strategy – Continuous Improvement

The initial list of keywords is usually close. After we collect data and see improvements for the initial keyword strategy, we usually discover new keyword phrases that may be better for driving more traffic. We monitor the keywords from month to month and check the Analytics for potential new keywords.

We then make adjustments to pages to try to include the new keyword phrases.

Often times we find that a keyword phrase may not be ranking well and may have a less than average click through rate. We then make edits to the title tags and meta descriptions to try to entice more people to click on the search listings.

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