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Search Engine Optimization Education Classes

Want More Customers?  Get Educated.

SEO Education in Richmond, VA. Learn Search Engine Optimization. Richmond, VA businesses can finally get the education they need to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization.  Our process is unusual – we don’t optimize anything.

Instead, we teach you, the business owner and whomever else you would like to learn, how to optimize your own website.  This is not a technical course, but a more comprehensive crash course on strategies and tactics – we teach you how to get more Sales form SEO – not more keywords.

SEO Education Classes for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you wear many hats.  Bookkeeper, human resources, CFO, janitor, etc… 

You have a basic understanding of each of these jobs. But businesses thrive on sales – and most people are looking for your products and services on Google.  Shouldn’t you know at least the basics of how a business shows up where everyone looks?

SEO Education Classes for Small Business Owners is designed for small to medium-sized businesses that have established websites and growing businesses. The SEO class is held at your office in the Richmond, VA area and you may invite whomever you wish.  You may even invite your website designer.

We give you the Basic SEO Knowledge to help you:

  • Determine if your website needs SEO work or not.
  • Hire a reputable SEO firm (and avoid the scams).
  • Check the quality of your SEO firm’s work.
  • Implement your own SEO plan!
  • Get more sales from Google.

Is The SEO Education Right for My Business?

Website optimization isn’t as hard as you think. It’s really just changing some text in specific areas of your website.  While some of these changes may require a website designer to code them, you are the one that ultimately needs to know what to put where.

Just getting to page one of Google for one or two keyword phrases can generate thousands of dollars each month – for years.

What About My Website Designer?

Web designers frequently don’t know how to optimize a website.  If you determine that your website isn’t optimized, tell your website designer about our SEO Education Classes.  We offer classes for web designers, or you can invite your web designer to attend your class.

Once trained, your website designer can work on your website to get it optimized for your business’s goals.

What Does the SEO Education Class Include?

SEO Education for Small Business Owners that help get websites on page one of Google.

Educating yourself on SEO can help your business grow.

Our 3 to 4 hour course includes educational materials and worksheets and is broken down into three sections:

  • Strategy – 60 to 90 minutes
  • Tactics – 60 to 90 minutes
  • Implementation – 60 minutes

SEO Strategy – We cover what makes up a good SEO strategy and getting maximum return.

SEO / Website Optimization Tactics – You’ll learn the top tricks that SEO professionals use to get results.

Implementation – We spend the last hour getting into your website and help you make the changes your website needs.

When we leave, you and/or your website designer will have what you need to develop a strategy, the knowledge of what to do, and examples of how to do it.

What our Customers are Saying:

“The SEO Education was fantastic and it was well worth it. I think they probably shared some things with us that most SEO people keep as trade-secrets. I invited my website person who has re-vamped our website recently and a few other folks.  We ALL felt it was worthwhile. “

A Richmond, VA Contractor

How Much Does It Cost?  ONLY $799

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