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Help with your Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO help from Google:

These documents were published by Google and are great resources for small businesses that want to improve their local SEO rankings and get more from Google with Search Engine Optimization.

Document #1(pdf) – A One Page guide to the high-level SEO basics.  Read this first.

Google’s SEO One Page Guide

Document #2 (pdf) – Google SEO Starter Guide – all the basics a Small Business owner needs to get better page position on Google Search Results Pages. (30 pages)

Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Document #3 (pdf) – Google has published a “Step-by-Step Guide to Getting on Google Maps”. Google is trying to make it easier for small businesses to claim and set-up their Google+ My Business page. This document will walk you through it step by step:

Google’s Step-by-Step Guide to Getting on Maps

If you need more help with setting up your Google+ My Business page, you can also watch our Video Series on Google+ My Business Pages.

Other Local SEO Helpful Resources:

Local SEO Introduction Video:

Local SEO – Title Tags and Meta Descriptions:

Here’s a link to the document in the Title Tag / Description Meta Tag SEO video – Download the Title Tag / Meta Description Guidelines.

If you need local SEO help in Richmond, VA, we offer an SEO Education session to help you optimize your own website. Call us for more details.

Don’t want to try it yourself? Understandable. We offer a service for business owners with WordPress websites: Local SEO for Small Businesses with WordPress websites.

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