Keyword Optimization is Critical to Search Engine Success

Being on Page One is nice, but only if you’re showing up for the right keywords. If you spend good money to be on Page One for the wrong keywords, then you’re not getting the maximum benefit from search engines like Google. We want to make sure, as the business owner, you are getting the maximum return on your search engine investment. Keyword optimization is the key to getting the most from Google. We feel that SEO and AdWords advertising are investments that should yield the maximum value for your business.

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding the principles for the organic section is pretty straight forward – you want to be on Page One for the keywords that will drive the most business and the most leads. These keywords are a combination of the quantity of search and the quality of the searches.

We Call Your Top Keywords Your “Money Keywords”.

Money keywords are the keyword phrases that:

  • get searched for the most often AND
  • get clicked on most frequently AND
  • drive a visitor that is highly likely to convert to a customer AND
  • when they buy, they spend the maximum amount of money.

At Third Marble, our SEO process focuses your top level pages on your money keywords. Other agencies might focus their efforts on getting a keyword phrase that’s currently on Page 2 to Page 1. That’s fine, but what if that phrase only gets searched for 2 or 3 times a month? Will that help your business? Probably not.

In most cases, you’re better off having a money keyword on page 2 than having some miscellaneous keyword phrases on Page 1. It makes better financial sense.

As an example, “plumber” gets a lot of searches, but we find it does not get many clicks and the conversion rate can be quite low. On top of that, the amount spent isn’t always as much as other plumbing services. “hot water heaters” is searched less frequently, but that person has an immediate need in most cases, is ready to buy and will spend a lot more than someone with a drippy faucet.

So how do you find your money keywords? We love the amount of data that AdWords Search Ads provide. When working with local businesses, we find the data to be more accurate than any other keyword research method. Using the data from AdWords to create a keyword strategy for Local SEO is one strategy that makes Third Marble different.

The Keyword Optimization Myth for Pay per Click ads.

So optimizing a website for Money Keywords is an obvious strategy for SEO. But AdWords can get your website on Page One for thousands of keyword phrases. If budget was not an issue, then yes, AdWords is quite simple to run. Just add a few thousand keywords to the system, set an unlimited budget and turn it on and watch your money fly out the window.

AdWords is an investment. Each keyword will have a different rate of return. The art of AdWords Management is to find the best combination of cost and volume for all the money keywords. If you have a limited budget (like most businesses), then you want that budget to work hardest on the top keywords. If you spend money on phrases that may not drive business, then you’re not optimizing your ad spend.

Other agencies, including Google, have a one-size fits all approach to keywords. They set all the bids the same and bid on a random list of keywords without ever deleting un-needed phrases from the campaign. This is not in your best interest, nor will it provide your business with the best return on your advertising investment.

At Third Marble, our AdWords Management approach is to make sure we maximize you money keywords first, then find the best “secondary” keywords for your business. We hope this helps!

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Food for Thought: The businesses that recovered quickly from the recession in 2008 advertised heavily during the recovery to gain market share faster. Many businesses have called us already looking to rebuild by using their PPP and EIDL loans for Google Ads and SEO. 

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