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We want to help your business grow, so we offer this free audit of your website to see if your Search Engine Optimization is helping to get you new customers.

Why do I need to run an SEO Audit of My Website?

If you’re getting all the customers you need and don’t want anymore customers, then you don’t need to run one of our SEO Audits. If, however, you would like more customers, then take 10 minutes out of your day today to see if your website might be the reason your customers are finding your competitors online instead of your website. That’s really what this SEO Audit helps you determine – Does your website have what it takes to beat your competitors to the top of page one? If not, then your customers are finding your competitors websites first.

Free SEO Audit at Third Marble.

How Do I Get the Most from my SEO Audit?

To get the most from your Audit, make sure you choose the right “Main Keyword” phrase. If you’re a local business, make sure you add the city and state of your location to the end of your keyword phrase. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant in Midlothian, VA, the make sure you enter “pizza restaurant Midlothian VA” as your Main Keyword. You don’t have to run the SEO Audit for your home page. If you have a product or service that you want to test, then enter the URL for that page and make sure your Main Keyword makes sense. For example, a plumber in Austin, TX may have a page for hot water heater installation. To test that page, enter the URL for that page (ie. “”) and then enter a Main Keyword like “hot water heaters Austin TX”.

Understanding What It Takes to SEO a Website

1 – The first thing you should understand about getting to Page One of Google takes work.

SEO Education in Richmond, VA. It takes time, resources and money.  It is advertising – pure and simple.  Just like the old phone books, the Google search engine looks and feels like a “free resource”, but it is not.  Google is a business – they’re in the advertising business. Period. They get you to visit their website by providing the best possible search engine results, which keeps the Google Users coming back, then Google sells advertising space. So to get top placement on Page One, you have to prove to Google that you’re not a spammer and you are the most relevant website for a particular keyword phrase. If you understand that point, you’re already ahead of most of your competitors.

2 – The second thing you really need to understand about Google – is that people are Googling for your business RIGHT NOW.

Every day, every hour.  You are losing money by not being on Page One. You see, when someone Googles for your products and services, they see all your competitors, so your competition is probably getting your phone calls, and you are not. That’s what we call an “opportunity loss” for your business and it does not show up anywhere on your financials. If you think your customers search for your services online, and you’re not on page one, then you have some level of opportunity loss.

3 – The third thing you need to understand is – Google is all about KEYWORDS.

If you don’t know what keywords drive traffic AND phone calls for your business, you will never be able to maximize your profits from Google. The right keywords are the “key” to getting the most from Google. At Third Marble, we call your top 2 or 3 keyword phrases your “money keywords”. These are the phrases that are searched for most often and have high conversion rates. Optimizing your top pages for your money keywords is critical to getting the most from Google. Not understanding this is sub-optimizing.

4 – The fourth thing you need to understand is that Google will not generate sales for your business.

Google will ONLY send traffic to your website. If your website does not convert visitors to phone calls: failure. When the phone does ring, if you do not have a solid process for converting phone calls to customers: failure. In other words, your website is the top of your online sales funnel. Google will only put prospects into your funnel. You and your website determine how many of those prospects become customers. Without a hard-working sales funnel, increases in traffic to your website may not produce increased revenue. We hope this helps.

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