Business Listing Management Service

Business Listings Help Customers Find Your Business

Our Business Listing Management Service creates several business listings for you each month. How does that help customers find your business? There are two main benefits:

  1. As customers search Google for your products and services, they may click on one of these business listing websites. If you’re not listed, they won’t find you.
  2. Google searches the internet for your business’s Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP). These are called “citations”. Google looks for your NAP on other websites to determine how “popular” you are online. This is one of the SEO Signals used to determine your position in Maps and the Organic Results.
SEO Business Listings

This is just the fraction of the business listings Google uses to determine your page rank.

In English, how do business listings help my business?

Let’s look at it this way, Google wants to present the most relevant results to their users. If you have 10 business listings and your competitor has 150 business listings, then he’s more “popular” than you, in Google’s opinion. All other things being equal, Google will place your competitor above your business in the search and maps results.

Our Business Listing Management Service works like this:

  1. Sign-up for our service below.
  2. We send a survey to collect the information that most business listings require.
  3. We set-up a few business listings for you each month.

There’s no long-term contract and you can quit at anytime. Unlike several of our competitors, once we set-up a business listing, it stays set-up. We will not remove any business listing after you cancel our service. Be aware that other services charge an recurring fee just to keep the business listings live. Once you leave them, they remove all your business listings. That is not the case with Third Mable.

Business Listing Management Pricing

  • Set-up Fee – $100 one-time charge.
  • 4 to 5 Business Listings per Month – $89 per month
  • 8 to 10 Business Listings per Month – $149 per month

Our Business Listing Management Service is included in most of our SEO packages, so if you are already an SEO customer of ours, please double check before signing-up.

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COVID-19 Notes:

Yes, we are still open. Our employees are working from home, so please excuse unusual background noises you call us. We may not be able to answer all calls and emails as quickly as we would like. Please leave a message and be patient.

Google is working from home too. Changes to Google My Business, including review replies, are not available right now. Display Ads are taking longer than usual to get approvals. Other Google services are running normally.

Yes, people are still searching Google. Internet traffic is up over 30% according to Cloudflare. More people are online than ever before. 

Food for Thought: The businesses that recovered quickly from the recession in 2008 advertised heavily during the recovery to gain market share faster. Many businesses have called us already looking to rebuild by using their PPP and EIDL loans for Google Ads and SEO. 

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