Purple Aardvark Pizza

Purple Aardvark Pizza is Critical to Your Business.

Why is Purple Aardvark Pizza important to your business?

Purple Aardvarks are hard to find. They sometimes eat pizza.

This is a purple aardvark from a website called tripod.com. We suspect that this rarely searched for animal may eat pizza.

If you found this page as a result of searching Google for the phrase “Purple Aardvark Pizza” (click the link to see results), then you’re probably only one of two people in the world to ever search Google for that phrase.  When you searched Google for purple aardvark pizza, did the link to this page come up first on Page One?

Do you want to know how that was done?

Easy – Basic Website Optimization techniques. (Sometimes referred to generally as “Search Engine Optimization”).

As a small business owner, do you know why you need to know this?

Aardvark Pizza is located in Canada and does not have much purple in their pizza.

Aardvark Pizza is the name of a restaurant in Canada. It has nothing to do with putting aardvark on pizza. You can see there is no purple in this image.

Because it took 30 minutes to set-up this page and get it on Page One of Google within ONLY ONE DAY – but more importantly – this page is completely worthless.

Where are we going with this?

Purple Aardvark Pizza” has absolutely no commercial value as a keyword phrase.  Not only is this phrase never searched for, no one would ever buy a pizza with purple aardvark on it.  This page is designed to demonstrate two things:

  1. You need to know what keywords will drive VALUABLE traffic to your website.
  2. You need to know how to optimize a web page for Google to even consider it to be listed on page one.

Anyone can get a website page on page one of Google.  Simply find a phrase that no one ever searches for, follow a few basic website optimization techniques and that web page will be on page one in a few weeks.  Just like we did with this page for the phrase purple aardvark pizza.

Purple colored pizza does not look very appealing. It probably tastes better than pizza with aardvark on it, though. This was taken from a forum post on the be-mag.com website.

As a business owner, knowing the frequently-searched-for keyword phrases that drive high-quality, revenue-producing traffic to your website is a critical foundation to your entire online marketing strategy.

SEO firms that tell you that your website is on Page One for 100 keywords phrases may be taking advantage of this technique.  If you use an SEO firm, make sure you’re paying to be on Page One for meaningful, revenue-producing keywords.  If you don’t know what phrases drive the most traffic to your website, you might want to start thinking about how people search for (and find) your business or your website.

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