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Boutique Real Estate Agency Case Study

Decreasing Their Cost Per Lead By 45%

The Challenge:

Our client offers boutique real estate services in a large, competitive market. The company had used other pay per click (PPC) vendors in the past but was unsatisfied with the cost-per-lead (CPL) that this previous vendor produced.

The Steps:
  • Examine the account structure and campaign settings
  • Optimize the keywords
  • Optimize negative keyword to ensure ads do not produce erroneous clicks
  • Updated all ads to latest format
  • Optimize the ad extensions
  • Conduct competitor and keyword research
  • Target specific neighborhoods and local city keywords in search phrases by geo-modifying and utilizing long-tail phrases
  • Evaluate the client’s website to generate an optimal visit-to-lead conversion rate
The Data:

Their Average Cost Per Conversion from November – February, 28th was $14.77

After Third Marble took over the campaign in March, their Average Cost Per Conversion was decreased to $11.64

In April, the Average Cost Per Conversion decreased to $9.29

In May after three months with Third Marble, we decreased the Cost Per Conversion to $8.17

The Results:

Since taking over the client’s Google Ad campaigns in March 2018, we’ve decreased their CPL (cost-per-lead) by 45% while keeping their budget the same. Lowering our client’s cost-per-lead, keeping their budget the same, increasing traffic to their website, and increasing their business; is safe to say our boutique real estate client is pretty thrilled and still getting excellent results!

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