Push Marketing … Pull Marketing

How SEO Affects Your PPC Ads

Opposites Can Attract … and Create Powerful Short & Long-term Success

Maybe you’ve heard the terms push marketing and pull marketing. So, what does each mean and how does one affect the other … specifically in your online marketing mix?

Push Marketing is advertising that you direct to consumer targets who are likely prospects for your product or service. For purposes of this article, that describes pay-per-click (PPC). PPC is paid advertising on a search engine’s results page … objective: drive traffic to your website.

The widest use of PPC by vendors is the purchase of Google Ads. Note: as the name implies, you incur no cost unless your ad is clicked on by an interested “suspect” which triggers a visit to your website. Your success with PPC (push) advertising will depend on a superior and tightly targeted choice of keywords and phrases, plus a well written ad coupled with an attractive, easy-to-navigate website.

Pull Marketing … Yes, you’re right … Pull Marketing, in contrast to Push Marketing, seeks to pull prospects to visit your website. Today’s buyers are avid online researchers … seeking reviews and conducting keyword searches. Pull Marketing is your opportunity to attract the researcher hunting for answers that you provide as a visible thought leader and industry expert. When a prospect finds your newsletter, white paper or blog featuring a topic they want to know more about, Pull Marketing is at work. In a nutshell, that’s what SEO is all about.

“Impatience” & “Patience” … the Twin Personalities of Online Marketers

Impatience is the ‘twin’ that wants to sell TODAY! To put that in perspective, take a look at the pie chart featured below. Research tells us of the universe of potential buyers for your product or service, only 3% are ready to buy now.

This market segment is your target for PPC … the remedy for impatience that delivers immediate sales gratification. The advertising company that bids the highest price for a click on its ad gets placed at the top of the Google search results page. That page placement will enjoy the highest number of clicks and the topmost likelihood of conversion to sales … if not today, soon!

Patience is the twin that gives you a longer view of your marketing challenges. Again, the above pie chart tells an impactful story … some of your potential customers are having mild thoughts about their need for that which you can satisfy (15%) and the vast majority (82%) who have no current motivation to seek what you offer.

Your challenge as a “patient” online marketer … attain and maintain a visible, memorable presence in the minds of those “Getting Ready to Get Ready” as well as the “Not Interested Now” … a combined market segment totaling 97%!. SEO will help you in that challenge to better ensure you are at the top of the vendors list when a buying decision or referral opportunity surfaces.

Here’s how SEO affects your PPC ads. SEO is the process of generating online visibility of your website via creation of content that proves attractive for search engines (read Google) to grab on to. The technical term is organic search results which means the unpaid results earned through providing content perceived as valuable to people seeking information. An effective SEO strategy supplements and supports your PPC investments by generating more visibility for your business, establishing you as a thought leader plus convert more qualified inbound leads who are seeking what you offer.

Properly designed, executed and monitored, SEO will result in a Page 1 ranking as Google acknowledges you as a trusted source of valuable information. That means more traffic to your website while building brand awareness and confidence. It’s more subtle than PPCless, in-your-face … but powerful in supporting your PPC efforts to deliver visibility and credibility for your business.

Added Perspective on the Twins … “Impatience” & “Patience”

In an article published in our August newsletter, we championed the position that …

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Your Next Step.

Now your choices are do-it-yourself or invest in professional SEO/PPC management services. It is likely that you are already wearing several hats as a business owner and ladling on yet another marketing responsibility is probably not an option … particularly if you have to master the learning curve to effectively marry SEO and PPC. 

SEO and PPC strategy and execution is a profession unto itself. You are well-advised to seek proven expertise just as you do with your accountant, attorney or other trusted advisors.

Our job at Third Marble Marketing is to deliver proven, successful strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads, improve your SEO strategy, feature you on Page One of Google and drive pre-qualified traffic to your website!

Of course, all of that is extremely important. Equally important is to convert visitors to your website to take what you consider a valuable call to action. That’s where your web design agency becomes invaluable.

Our team at Third Marble is an excellent resource to add to your current web design agency as a SEO & PPC resource. We specialize in Local SO to get your business found organically and our Google Ads Management Services include all aspects of Google Ads to product your business a maximum return on investment.
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