Our Pay-per-Click Service: Contracts?

Since Third Marble Marketing’s Services are s so flexible, you don’t need to worry about being locked into a lengthy, expensive contract.  You can simply call us or email us whenever you want to adjust the Google Ads or SEO budget or pause the advertising.

If you want to terminate our services, just let us know.  Usually, we terminate the Google Ads that day, but we do ask that you allow 2 business days to make any changes to your account. For SEO, we’ll typically finish out the month and make sure all the work we did continues to benefit your business.

This policy is great for seasonal businesses, like lawn care or holiday gift businesses.  We can set-up a Google Ads Budget that changes by the season.  For example, if you want to pause all the ads for the entire winter, we can do that. Or drop the budget to only $300 / month, then ramp back up in April.

As a Third Marble Marketing Customer, you must agree to our terms and conditions, other than that, there are no “iron-clad” contracts that force you into paying for services for multiple months.

Sound good?  Give us a call – 804-638-9866, or schedule a call with us when you have a few minutes to talk.

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