Google Ads Management

What About Contracts?

Our Pay-per-Click Service: Contracts?

Since Third Marble Marketing’s Local Google Pay-per-Click Service is so flexible, you don’t need to worry about being locked into a lengthy, expensive contract.  You can simply call us or email us whenever you want to adjust the Pay-per-Click budget or pause the advertising.

If you want to terminate our services, just let us know.  Usually, we terminate the Pay-per-Click Ads that day, but we do ask that you allow 2 business days to make any changes to your account.

This policy works well for seasonal businesses, like lawn care or holiday gift businesses.  We can set-up a Pay-per-Click Budget that changes by the season.  For example, if you want to pause all the ads for the entire winter, we can do that.

As a Third Marble Marketing Customer, you must agree to our terms and conditions, other than that, there are no “iron-clad” contracts that force you into paying for services for multiple months.

Sound good?  Give us a call – 804-638-9866.