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If you’re a small business owner trying to manage Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) yourself, you know how complicated it can be.  Almost every time we audit an AdWords account for a small business, we find that they are wasting half of their money on irrelevant clicks. More importantly, we often find lost opportunities where they could have gotten more phone calls.

When people search Google for your product or service, a properly optimized AdWords account points them in your direction.

AdWords is a complicated system with numerous settings that can cost a business a lot of money and opportunity if not set correctly. And since Google changes the system frequently, a set-it-and-forget-it strategy never works. AdWords takes constant monitoring and optimization to get the maximum return on your advertising investment. When used properly, AdWords can drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Google AdWords Audit.
Google AdWords

What Does the Free AdWords Audit Include?

  1. First, we’ll walk you through the process of granting us access to your AdWords account.
  2. Then, we’ll check your account thoroughly for areas that could use improvement. This may take several days, as it is a manual process (not a computer program).
  3. We’ll prepare a report of the findings, including an estimate of what percentage of your ad spend is effective.
  4. We’ll email you the report and schedule a follow-up phone call.

Why is Your Free AdWords Audit a Manual Process?

Other AdWords audits are completed in a few seconds by a computer program. But a computer program can’t tell you if your keywords are wrong, and it can’t look for missing opportunities. It can only assess whether you should adjust your budget and how many more clicks (irrelevant or not) you could be getting.

For example, if a pizza restaurant is advertising for the phrase “mexican restaurant near me,” the computer program won’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Clicks on that phrase not only cost money, but also steal budget from good keywords like “local pizza restaurant.”  We simply don’t trust computer programs that were likely written by a team of people who never managed AdWords accounts.


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