Our On-Going AdWords Service

Our On-Going GoogleTM AdWords Pay-per-Click Service

Our On-Going Google AdWords Pay-per-Click Service is priced for your budget.  If you liked what you learned in our One-Month AdWords Assessment and you think Google PPC Ads might help you grow your business, then we’ll work with you to find a monthly price that fits your budget and gets results.


The Results Report from Our One-Month Assessment provides us with an estimated “Ideal Budget Range“.  Basically, all you need to do is pick a monthly budget in that range that you feel most comfortable spending.

We’ll then continue running, managing and optimizing the PPC ads for you.

Our JOB: Provide Results. 

Our GOAL: At least $5 in Sales for every $1 of Pay-per-Click.

How?  We strive to get you the maximum number of Relevant Visitors to your website for whatever monthly budget you choose.  We do this by finding and cultivating the search phrases most relevant to your business and targeting the ads to people that are ready to buy.  This increases the odds of a visitor turning into a lead, which increases your return on investment.  That’s our job plain and simple.

Most of our customers spend between $100 to $1000 per month in Pay-per Click Ads.  Again, we only work with small businesses and we always want to make sure we’re pricing our AdWords Pay-per-Click Service to meet your budgeting needs.  Our AdWords Management Fees are very low.  See our AdWords Management Pricing page for more details.

Contracts? We only want to help your business grow, so we never lock any of our customers into a long term contract.  You can increase, decrease, pause, re-start or terminate our service at any time.  We put our money where our mouth is.  If our advertising isn’t working for your business, just let us know and we’ll either work to fix it, or end it.

Our ultimate goal is to help your business grow by getting your website maximum visibility, traffic and customers from Google – at a price you can afford.

If this sounds good to you, call us and one of our Google Ads Consultants can tell you more about getting started with one of our One Month AdWords Assessment.  Call us today at 804-638-9866.