Our PPC Process

Our Google Pay-per-Click Ads Process: Designed to Fit Your Budget.

Are you already visible on Google?

If you’re not sure what kind of visibility your website is getting on Google, try starting with our FREE Google Visibility Assessment Report.  This Report helps us answer the question “How visible is my website on Google?”  If your website isn’t getting much visibility on Google, one of our Google Ads Consultants will be more than happy to offer you a free 10-minute phone consultation to help you understand why you may not be visible.

Learn more about our Google Visibility Assessment. 

Try our One-Month PPC Test.

If you already know that people are searching for your business, but they can’t find you on Google, then give our One-Month Google Pay per Click Test a try.  For as little as $199 (see our pricing page for details), we can set-up a pay-per-click test that will show you how much targeted traffic we can drive to your website.  Our PPC test is designed to accomplish several things:

  • Increase your visibility on Google in your target geographic area.
  • Drive traffic to your website (again, from people in your geographic area).
  • Determine a range for a monthly pay-per-click budget that fits your budget.
  • Begin collecting data about keyword phrases.
  • Familiarize you with pay-per-click and how it can help your business grow.

Google AdWords Management Service Of course, the most important question – “How many phone calls or leads did you get from your Google PPC Ads?”

Learn more about Our One-Month Google Pay-per-Click Test. 

Keep the phone ringing with our On-Going PPC Service

If you liked the volume of phone calls and leads from our One-Month PPC Test, then we’ll work with you to determine the best monthly budget for your business.  The One-Month PPC Test gives us an idea of what the total volume of searches for your business’s products and services.  We use that data to provide you with a Recommended Budget Range for your PPC ads.  You pick your budget.  We’ll restart the ads and continue running and optimizing your ads until you ask us to stop.

That’s right – There are no long term contracts with our On-Going PPC Service.  You can increase, decrease, pause, restart or end the service at anytime.

Learn more about Our On-going Pay-per-Click Service. 

Click here to get started and request your Free Google Visibility Assessment, or call us to arrange a consultation with one of our Google Ads Consultants.