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If you really want to measure the effectiveness of your AdWords campaign, then we recommend our AdWords Call Tracking service.



Why is Call Tracking Important?

AdWords drives clicks to your website. Without Call Tracking, we can manage your AdWords account for maximum clicks, and that’s about it. Sometimes it’s difficult to measure the effectiveness of those clicks. With Call Tracking, we can see which of your clicks converted to phone calls.

We’ll be able to see which keywords are driving not only clicks, but also phone calls. As an example, we often find that search phrases containing the word “cost” or “price” convert to leads far less frequently than search terms without them.  “Tree removal” is more likely to turn into a phone call than “cost of tree removal” or “tree removal prices.”

In a nutshell, if we can manage your account to maximize phone calls instead of just clicks, then you get more phone calls for the same budget. We typically see at least a 20% increase in the number of phone calls for the same AdWords budget, when we use Call Tracking.


AdWords Call Tracking Service

Our AdWords Call Tracking Setup Process

  1. Sign up for a CallRail account at The cost starts around $30 per month. The first 14 days are free.
  2. We set up a pool of phone numbers for your tracking in CallRail specifically for AdWords.
  3. We provide a code for you to install on all pages of your website, which changes the phone number on your website only when a visitor arrives by clicking an AdWords ad.
  4. We set up the ads to include tracking phone numbers.
  5. We typically set up the system to track First Time Callers Only whose phone calls last At Least 30 Seconds. This ensures we don’t mistake an individual who calls multiple times as multiple leads, and we don’t count hangups or missed calls.
  6. We add the conversion data to your AdWords reports so you can see the statistics for your calls–like “cost per call,” “number of calls,” and “visitor-to-call conversion rate.”

This setup can take a few days, and then we’ll start using the Call Tracking data to optimize your account and get you the most phone calls possible for your AdWords spend.


Benefits of AdWords Call Tracking:

  1. You get a much better idea of the ROI of your campaign.
  2. We can better optimize your campaign and get you more calls for your AdWords spend.
  3. If you know your target Cost per Lead, we can manage your account to get you calls under a certain cost.

Without Call Tracking, we often have conversations with our customers that go like this:

  • Business Owner: I’m not getting any phone calls.
  • Third Marble: Let’s review your account. I’m seeing that you spent $982 last month and we drove 328 people to your website. They were all located in your target geography and they all clicked on keywords related to your services. Why do you think they didn’t call?
  • Business Owner: I don’t know.
  • Third Marble: Do you know what your target cost per lead or cost per phone call needs to be to make money?
  • Business Owner: Around $50.
  • Third Marble: So if you spend $1000 in clicks, then you need at least 20 phone calls in order to make money. Let’s install Call Tracking and see.

After 2-3 months of Call Tracking…

  • Third Marble: You spent $995 last month and we drove 316 clicks and 28 phone calls, for a cost per call of $35.54. That’s below your $50 target. By the way, the data is telling us that by increasing your monthly budget to $1600, you could get about 40 to 45 calls at roughly the same $35 per call.

Call Tracking can provide you with more details about the results of your campaign, and more information for us to better optimize your results.


AdWords Call Tracking Case Study:

Google AdWords Call Tracking

For this service industry customer, we were managing their AdWords account for about 3 months before they decided to install Call Tracking. We determined that their Target Cost per Call was $180.

CallRail was set up in early October. Out of the gate, we saw that the campaign was not performing to their target. The cost per call in October was $247.73.

As we collected data on the calls, we were able to see which ad groups and keywords were under-performing and which were performing better than the target. By shifting budgets and bids away from under-performing keywords, we were able to reduce the client’s cost per call to $80.33 in November and $75.46 in December–well below the target of $180.

AdWords Call Tracking results Oct 17     AdWords Call Tracking results Nov 17     AdWords Call Tracking results Dec 17



AdWords Call Tracking Prices:

One-time setup fee: $400
Monthly fee: $50


Step 1 – Sign up for a CallRail account –
Simply create the account and enter your credit card number. Use a unique password that you can provide to us. We will need that to log in to your account.
Step 2 – Click below to sign up for our AdWords Call Tracking Service


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