Google Ads Management

YouTube Video Ads

What are YouTube Video Ads?

Yes, we can even run Video Ads on the YouTube network for your YouTube Videos. If you have a 30-second or longer video loaded on YouTube, we can promote that video in a number of ways, and target the audience using several techniques including geo-targeting, remarketing and content targeting.

YouTube Video Ads for small businesses.If you’ve ever seen the videos that run right before you try to watch a video on YouTube, the ones where it counts down for 5 seconds and Says “Skip this ad in 5 seconds..”, you know what we’re talking about.  It’s TV commercial adverting taken to a targeted extreme.

The ads work on a ‘pay-per-view’ basis. It cost nothing for someone to watch the first 29 seconds of your video. You only pay when someone watches 30 seconds or more of your commercial. (Yes, the video needs to be at least 30 seconds long).

We’ll simply need the log-in information to your YouTube channel to get started.  We do not produce videos, so please have your videos ready before asking us to set-up a YouTube Video Ads account.

Once we have the videos connected to the AdWords account, we’ll call you to discuss the strategy for targeting the Video Ads.