How Responsive Ads Work

Responsive Ads can be used for Display Ads and Remarketing Ads

There are three main ingredients for a Responsive Display Ad:

  1. Two Images – a 1.91:1 ratio image and a square image.
  2. Two Logos – a 4:1 ratio and a square.
  3. Headlines and Descriptions – Some text that gets added below or next to the images.

Below is an example of these three ingredients and how they used to fit into almost any available ad space…

The pieces that make Responsive Display Ads:

1. Two Images

(1:91 and 1:1 Ratio)

2. Two Logo Images

(1:1 and 4:1 Ratio)

3. Headlines and Descriptions

What the Responsive Display Ads look like:

(These images may not appear to scale on a mobile device. Best if viewed on a desktop.)

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