Display Ad Targeting Options

There are numerous Targeting Methods for targeting your Display Ads to your Audience. Please contact Third Marble to explore a few ways Display Ads can help your business.

The most common targeting options include:

Geographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting

Lifestyle Targeting

“In Market” Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Examples of Display Ad Targeting

It’s easiest to illustrate by example. Below are several examples of how a small business can get their message in front of a target audience.


A Real Estate Agency needs leads for their agents.

  • Demographics: 25 to 45 year olds with children, top 30% income bracket, PLUS
  • In Market: Recently searched for homes for sale and / or visited real estate listing websites PLUS
  • Geography: Located within 20 miles of Agency’s office.


A Football Team needs to sell more tickets.

  • Demographics: 35 to 65 year olds men, top 30% income bracket, PLUS
  • In Market: Custom In Market Audience for the name of the football team PLUS
  • Lifestyle Targeting: Football Fans
  • Geography: Located within 100 miles of the stadium.


An Accountant advertising Business Formation Services

  • Life Change: Recently started a business PLUS
  • Demographic: Top 20% income PLUS
  • Geographic: 50 miles around Denver, CO


A Manufacturer of Gaming Keyboards advertising their new keyboard:

  • Demographic: Age 18-25 Males, No Children PLUS
  • Custom Affinity: Avid Online Gamers
  • Geographic: USA


An Online Jewelry Store wants to sell more wedding rings.

  • Demographic: 25 to 35, top 50% income bracket, PLUS
  • Geography: USA, PLUS
  • Any of the following:
    • In Market: Recently looked for Bridal Dresses OR
    • In Market: Recently looked for Wedding Venues OR
    • In Market: Recently looked for Engagement Rings OR
    • In Market: Recently looked for Wedding Photographer

Geographic Targeting (Geo-targeting)

Google Ads geo-targeting is simply a way to target Ads on the Google Display Network (or Google Search) to people that are physically located in a specific geographic area, and / or they have expressed an interest in a geographic area. Google Ads can be targeted in a few different ways:

  • By list of Zip Codes
  • By City name
  • By State
  • By country
  • By a radius around a specific location or city
Example of geotargeting display ads.

Example of Radius, City and State Geo-Targeting for Display Ads

Demographic Targeting

Google Display Ads can be targeted to some basic demographic groups. This targeting can be added to any other targeting to further focus any targeting option. Demographic targeting options include:

  • Age – 18-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45-55, 55-65 and 65+
  • Income – Top 10%, 10-20%, 20-30%, 30-40%, 40-50% and lower 50%
  • Gender – Male, Female
  • Parental Status – Children, No children
Google Display Ads with Demographic targeting

Lifestyle Targeting (Affinity Audiences)

Lifestyle targeting is called “Affinity Audiences” in Google Ads. Basically, you can target people based on their online behaviors over a long period of time. For example, a person that frequently searches for keywords related to the stock market or stock prices and frequently visits financial reporting and financial news websites would be considered an “Avid Investor”. There are numerous models for Affinity Audiences, here are a few examples:

  • Beauty Mavens
  • Coffee Shop Regulars
  • Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Dog Lovers
  • Luxury Shoppers
  • Football Fans
  • Business Travelers

We can also create a Custom Affinity Audience for your particular target customer. Schedule a call with us to discuss the unlimited options.

In-Market Targeting

Like Affinity Audiences, In-Market Targeting of Google’s Display Ads can target a person’s online behaviors, but only in the most recent few weeks. For example, if a person has been recently looking at baby clothes and baby formula and searching for keywords related to raising an infant child, as well as looking at ecommerce sites for baby strollers, that person would be a candidate for the “In the Market for a Baby Stroller” model. Again, there are far too many options to list here for these targeting models, but here are a few examples:

  • Luggage
  • Used cars
  • Office furniture
  • Tutoring or test prep services
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Home security systems
  • Gyms

We can also create a Custom In-Market Audience for your particular target customer. 

Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting is simply targeting the content on a web page that has Google Display Network ads on that page. For example, if you were a podiatrist that wanted to get in front of people that were researching what was causing their heel pain, you could target page where Google has determined that “heel pain” was a primary topic on that page. So if you’re reading a WebMD page about heel pain, you might see that podiatrist’s Display Ad.

There are three ways to target content, by order of very broad to very specific:

  • Topic Targeting – select pages by topic
  • Keyword / Intent – select pages with keywords on them
  • Individual website placements – select specific URLs to place ads
Google Ads - Display Ads Content Targeting

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