About Do It Yourself AdWords

Can you do AdWords yourself? Sure. Here are a few other things you can do yourself too:

  • Cut your own hair
  • Do your own taxes
  • Fix your own heat pump
  • Dig your own pool

We don’t discourage any business owner from trying their own AdWords campaign, but we would like you to be realistic of your time and your expertise.

Pros to DIY AdWords:

There are some definite advantages to doing AdWords yourself. Some are obvious, some are not.

  • Save about $149 per month (or more) by not paying an agency to manage the account.
  • Learn more about your business and what people are looking for than your competitors.
  • The ability to change and pause your ads and your campaigns whenever you need – instantly.
  • You’ll have more data than you can imagine about people’s search behaviors.

Cons to DIY AdWords:

Running your own AdWords campaigns isn’t impossible. We just want you to be aware of a few of the downsides:

  • You risk losing a lot of money.
  • You will spend hours and hours managing your own campaigns.
  • You will need to spend time keeping up with all the changes to the AdWords platform.
  • You may never know if you’re doing a good job since you won’t be able to benchmark your results.

We have worked with numerous companies that tried AdWords themselves. In every single case, we saved them more money than we charged as a management fee every month. In particular, here are a few of the things that we’ve seen:

  • Geography not set correctly resulting in paying for click that were too far away.
  • Not setting-up negative keywords properly resulting in clicks from unwanted searches.
  • Being too broad in the keywords resulting in unwanted clicks.
  • Not using proper ad group structures resulting in poor quality scores and expensive clicks.
  • Not managing the keywords for maximum click through rates, resulting in poor converting traffic and higher click costs.
  • and more…

We hope this helps.

COVID-19 Notes:

Yes, we are still open. Our employees are working from home, so please excuse unusual background noises you call us. We may not be able to answer all calls and emails as quickly as we would like. Please leave a message and be patient.

Google is working from home too. Changes to Google My Business, including review replies, are not available right now. Display Ads are taking longer than usual to get approvals. Other Google services are running normally.

Yes, people are still searching Google. Internet traffic is up over 30% according to Cloudflare. More people are online than ever before. 

Food for Thought: The businesses that recovered quickly from the recession in 2008 advertised heavily during the recovery to gain market share faster. Many businesses have called us already looking to rebuild by using their PPP and EIDL loans for Google Ads and SEO. 

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