What Does AdWords Management Include?

Our AdWords Management Includes Two Main Services:

1 – Setup and 2 – Ongoing Optimization

The Goal of AdWords Management: Hit the Target

No matter what your AdWords budget, our goal is to Get You the Maximum Number of Relevant Clicks Possible. To do that, we need to make sure your ads appear for the keywords that are most likely to bring you more customers. “The key is in the keywords.” We look at keywords like trying to get the most points on a target.

Keywords can hit:

  • The Bullseye – when someone searches for these keywords, that person is ABSOLUTELY looking for your type of business. Examples – “pizza restaurant near me”, “emergency plumber for a leaking hot water heater in Richmond, VA”.
  • Near the Bullseye – the person COULD BE looking for your type of business. Examples – “pizza shop”, “hot water heater installation”.
  • Outer Rings – the person MIGHT BE looking for your type of business. Examples – “pizza”, “hot water heaters”.
  • Miss the Target – the person PROBABLY ISN’T looking for your business. Examples – “restaurant”, “how to repair a hot water heater yourself”. The person looking for “restaurant” could be looking for fast food, or fine dining – not necessarily a pizza place.

The more bullseyes you hit, the more likely you are to get new customers from your AdWords.  When you hire Third Marble, our job is to get you as many bullseyes as we can. So, how do we do that?

AdWords Management
Adwords management setup

1 – Expert AdWords Management Setup

To help us hit the center of the target as soon as possible, we need to make sure we set up your AdWords account for success. This service includes:

  • Creating the AdWords account
  • Keyword research and development of the initial keyword lists
  • Ad copy writing, including multiple ads per Ad Group
  • Addition of Ad Extensions, such as Callout Extensions, Structured Snippet Extensions, Call Extensions, and more
  • Configuration for Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices
  • Addition of negative keywords

2 – AdWords Ongoing Optimization

AdWords is not a “set it and forget it” system. Not only is Google constantly changing, but your competitors are constantly changing their AdWords strategies, bids, keywords, and ads. To get the most from your AdWords spend, you need to make sure your account is constantly being supervised and optimized.

What is Included in Ongoing AdWords Optimization?

Every time we optimize an account, we are reviewing the data collected since the last optimization to find new ways to get you more business. This includes strategies like:

  • Adjusting keyword bids
  • Adjusting bid management strategies
  • Adjusting keyword matching
  • Managing negative keywords
  • Reviewing search terms for new keywords and negatives
  • Mobile / Desktop ratio optimization and bid adjustments
  • Geo-targeting adjustments
  • Ad Extension adjustments
  • Ad copy optimization and A/B testing ads for higher response rates

How Often Do We Optimize an AdWords Account?

It varies based on budget, clicks, and needs. For complicated accounts spending thousands of dollars a week, we are optimizing the accounts almost every day. For a small budget account that spends only a few hundred dollars each month, we might only optimize the account once or twice per month. All accounts are monitored with our daily reporting systems and those reports are reviewed by someone daily.

Adwords management for small business

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