AdWords Management for Marketing Consultants

AdWords Management for Marketing Consultants

Many small businesses work with a marketing consultant. If you are a marketing consultant, you have probably been asked about getting on Page One of Google, or asked about Google AdWords directly. Our AdWords Management Service for Marketing Consultants can help you help your clients in several ways. For example, the data from a well run AdWords campaign can help you:

    1. Collect target market data to better understand the local market.
    2. A/B Test marketing messages quickly (or A/B/C/D/E Test if you want).
    3. Understand the size of your client’s target market.
    4. Help your clients grow with targeted traffic to their website.
Google AdWords management for marketing consultants.

Our AdWords for Marketing Consultants service provides all kinds of data that you can use to help your clients grow – while sending traffic directly to their website!

AdWords is one of the most data intensive marketing technologies available. We help marketing consultants by managing Google AdWords campaigns for their clients – either as a “white-label sub-contractor”, or as your “business partner”. Our service helps you look good too – because not only can you drive traffic to their website within a couple of days, you can also provide them with an avalanche of data – all with one phone call to Third Marble.

That’s right, our service is that simple. We can usually take all the information needed for the account in about 15 minutes. We do all the work – set-up, management and optimization of the account. We then send you all the reports for you to review with your customer. You can then charge you customer a management fee, or bill them for the hours you spent overseeing the AdWords process.

For the Third Marble AdWords Management Fees, we can either bill your company, or bill your client directly.  Either way, there are no long-term contracts for our services.

For more information, visit our AdWords for Agencies website,, our call us at 804-638-9866.