The Third Marble Philosophy

We exist to help small businesses grow.

Larger companies have teams of employees that work around the clock getting their website onto Page One of Google.  How is the small business owner able to advertise on Google with only a few minutes a week to spare for online advertising? Most Pay-per-Click consultants charge hundreds of dollars a month, require long term contracts and will only talk to a business owner if they spend thousands of dollars each month in PPC ads.  But most small businesses can’t afford $50,000+ a year in advertising – nor would that kind of money be effective in such a small geographic area.

To make matters worse, the Google Ads system isn’t that easy to use and they are constantly updating and changing the system.  A small business owner would really need to be well-trained and spend time constantly learning the latest Google tools and systems to manage their own Google Ads account effectively.  It’s just not fair.

We want to level the playing field.

We believe that the Small Business owner is the key to helping America grow and stimulate the economy.  It is our philosophy that if Third Marble can help the small business owner, then we are helping local economies, and by extension, the American economy.  According to the SBA, over 65% of all new jobs created in America over the last 15 years were created by small businesses.  For this country to keep growing, small businesses need to thrive.

How can Third Marble Marketing help?

  • We are experts in Pay per Click Ads on Google and we are constantly trained on the latest Google AdWords updates.  It’s like having your own Google AdWords expert on staff.
  • Make it Easy – We make it easy and we don’t use a bunch of technical jargon to try to impress you.  We would rather you understand what we do in terms you understand.
  • Make it Effective – No matter what monthly budget you choose, we work hard to get you the maximum number of relevant visitors to your website for your budget.
  • Make it Affordable – We work with you to set a budget that you can afford.  We won’t force you into a contract either.  You can change the budget or pause your campaign at any time.

If this sounds like a fair advertising philosophy, call us at (804) 638-9866.

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