The History of Third Marble Marketing

It all started when the owner of Chris Fawcett’s favorite local pizza shop asked him to build a website.  Chris agreed and after the website was up and running for a while, the pizza shop owner said he wasn’t getting any phone calls from his website.  Chris told him he needed to do some online advertising. “If you build it, they will not come.”, he said. “Having a website without advertising it is like printing business cards and not handing them to anyone.”

A few weeks later, the pizza shop owner called Chris with some questions about a contract he was about to sign.  The pizza shop owner was approached by a sales person from a very reputable online advertising company that wanted to charge him $1200 a month on a 12-month contract for Pay per Click advertising. Chris couldn’t believe it – there’s no way there are that many searches for pizza in one month for that small of a geographic area.

So Chris advised the pizza shop owner not to sign that contract and began advertising the pizza shop’s new website himself.  He tried numerous different strategies to advertise the pizza shop online, including search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and pay-per-click on Google, Yahoo and Bing. After only a few weeks, it became very obvious that there was only one truly effective strategy – one that was cost effective and didn’t consume hours of the owner’s time each week – Google Ads. For such a small company, Yahoo and Bing didn’t generate enough clicks to make the management of the campaigns worthwhile. Facebook and email marketing were too time consuming for the owner and didn’t help generate many new customers.  Since Google Ads was generating 80% of all the traffic to the website, and budgets and resources were limited for the pizza shop, Chris and the owner decided to drop all other online marketing except for Google Ads.

What fascinated Chris the most – he had a hard time even spending $300 per month, let alone $1200. How could that “reputable” company charge a little pizza shop $1200 per month? Were there other small businesses that needed this kind of help too?

So Chris started asking other local business owners if they ever get business from their websites and if they ever had a positive experience with an online marketing company. Their experiences varied, but there was one common response – “No”.  So Chris started advertising a few more local companies online using Google Ads and the results were the same as the pizza shop – more new customers and positive ROI.

Seeing the opportunity to start a small business that could help small business owners everywhere, Chris left his job and started Third Marble Marketing. After a while, it became very obvious that there are too many internet advertising companies out there that are taking advantage of small business owners.  In fact, the horror stories continue to come about that “reputable” company – including mis-billings, over-charges, lawyer calls, and the most frequently heard story: “I paid them all this money and they said they drove all this ‘traffic’ to our website, but we haven’t gotten one phone call yet.”

So Chris vowed to make Third Marble Marketing a resource to help the small, local business owners grow their business by providing an affordable internet marketing strategy that effectively generates customers, NOT “traffic”.

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