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Chris Fawcett, Founder / President

With 24 years of direct marketing experience and 21 years of internet marketing experience, Chris decided to start Third Marble Marketing in September of 2009 with the goal of helping small business owners get their fair share of marketing on the internet.

Chris Fawcett of Richmond, VA.Chris is considered a veteran in the internet space. He has been involved in internet marketing for as long as internet marketing has been around.  Prior to starting Third Marble Marketing, Chris spent 9 years at First STREET, Inc. in Colonial Heights, VA as their VP & COO of Marketing.  Chris lead all the company’s direct marketing efforts, including the marketing and development of their $10 million e-commerce website dedicated to helping senior citizens stay in their home longer.  He understood the unique product line he was selling and the niche customer base to create innovative marketing strategies to increase sales year over year.  In 2005, Chris re-designed the company’s website and won one of the nationally coveted “Internet Retailer’s Top 50 Best of the Web” Awards, joining the ranks of such online retailers as Best Buy and Amazon.

Before joining First STREET, Chris spent 3 years as the Director of Marketing and E-commerce at J.Jill in Boston, MA where he developed J.Jill’s first e-commerce website. In its first year of operation, the website,, generated $80 million in sales for the company through marketing strategies Chris developed.

Chris started his marketing career with a national marketer of innovative lifestyle products called Comtrad in 1992 and helped launch their first website in 1995 (before sold their first book).  Chris proudly graduated from Virginia Tech with a Masters Degree in Operation Research and Bachelors in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Brandon – Search Engine Optimization Pro

Brandon (known as “Tigger” around the office) is the kind of analytical guy that reads calculus books for fun. Having experience working on over 40 local business websites, he understands the importance of a strong keyword strategy and knows how to optimize pages to get the biggest ROI from choosing he right keywords. His goal is to get you on the top of page one for the keywords that deliver the most customers.

Tim – Our Helpful Account Manager

Tim loves helping people and always has a positive attitude. A ton of experience in customer service and incredible responsiveness, Tim is here to help you get answers to your questions, assist with any account or invoicing needs, make sure your on-boarding experience is a positive one and generally be there to help in any way he can. Tim is also our Google Business Pro here to assist you with any issues you may have with your Google My Business information.

Liz – AdWords Analyst

Liz has a background in writing and ad copy. Her analytical mind helps you get the maximum number of new customers from your optimized AdWords campaigns. When you set your monthly AdWords budget, Liz works hard to get you the maximum number of relevant clicks to your website by writing ads that convert impressions to clicks, and clicks to customers.

Liz, Mike and Chantelle – Customer Connections and Consulting

Our dynamic sales team has a background in advertising, sales and technology and they all understand what our customers need. A real asset to Third Marble Marketing’s customers, they have a real knack for helping business owners understand how the online world works and makes sure that our customers know what Pay-per-Click and SEO can do for their business. Their goal is to help our customers understand exactly how we can help their business.

Jim, Kris, Matt, Brittany – The Numbers Ninjas

Our Number Ninjas are in charge of making sure your ads are working as hard as they can for you. They manage and optimize your campaigns for you by constantly monitoring the results of your ads and keywords. 

Collectively, we want to help you grow your business.  That’s why we’re here.  If you are interested in learning about how we help small businesses grow, please call us 804-638-9866.