The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Google My Business!

Tips and tricks to getting more customers from your Google My Business page.

Want more customers for free? The absolute easiest way to do that is Google My Business. If you’re not yet familiar with Google My Business, then download our free “The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Google My Business”. It helps small business owners get more from their local Google listing.

The idea is pretty straight forward. When someone Googles a local service (like “plumbing” or “pizza restaurant”), Google displays the local businesses nearest the Google User’s location. If your location is only 2 miles away from the person searching, and if your Google My Business Page is set-up correctly, then your business may show-up on Google’s search results page. This guide explains how to get your My Business page to show up more frequently and for more searches.

The download is FREE and so is setting up your My Business page. If you have NO interest in a marketing strategy that:

  • Only takes a few minutes to implement,
  • Costs absolutely nothing and
  • Makes your phone ring,

Then do not download this free guide and have a nice day. Here’s a website you might be interested in: Yellow Pages.

If getting more customers for free might be something you’re interested in, then download our free guide below:

Google My Business - How to set-up, Tips and Tricks.

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Guide to Google My Business