AdWords Management for Small Businesses

AdWords Management for Small Businesses

Why hire a professional Google AdWords management company?

Your time is valuable.
You need marketing solutions, not problems.
You need customers now, not later.

Sound about right?

Our AdWords Management Service for Small Business Owners is designed to drive quality traffic to your website – this means the visitors are very likely to become sales leads for your sales team. How? Because we work hard to only show your ads to highly targeted people – people searching for your products and services that are physically located in your target geographic area.

To make our AdWords service easily accessible to every small business owner, we’ve designed our program to be easy, affordable, flexible and a low-risk investment for your advertising dollar.  We implement all our AdWords campaigns using our proven three-phase process:

  1. Start with a simple Search Ad campaign to collect data about your keywords.
  2. Use that data to suggest options for expansion into other strategies for getting more customers online.
  3. Continue to optimize everything we do to get you more traffic and sales without any long-term contracts.

Phase 1 – Search Ads

This phase is designed to answer questions and collect data. (Oh, by the way, it’s designed to drive highly targeted traffic to your website too.) By running AdWords for about a month or two, we’ll collect enough data to prepare a report for your business that will help us set a strategy for the future. This phase helps us answer questions like:

– How many searches are there on Google in my target geography?
– Which products / services are searched for more frequently?
– How much can I spend each month on AdWords?
– How many visitors can I expect to my website from these ads each month?
– What’s the minimum amount I should spend each month?
– What keyword phrases drive the most traffic to my website?
– What ad copy works better?

There’s no obligation to continue past the first month. However, if you feel like Google AdWords can help your business grow, then we move to Phase 2.

You can find the Prices for AdWords Management here.

Phase 2 – Strategy Setting and Recommendations

In this phase, we take the data collected, present it to you in a report, and then discuss a strategic plan with you for the next phase. This plan takes into account several factors:
– Did you get any business from Phase 1?
– What your monthly budget is now – and what it could be in the future.
– The profit of your different products and services.
– Your target geography.
– and more.

The planning may include continuing the pay-per-click ads on Google at whatever budget you choose, creating display ads to increase your brand exposure to your target market, running remarketing ads to your website visitors, starting an SEO campaign and/or starting a video campaign on YouTube. Once the plan is set, we then begin Phase 3.


Phase 3 – Continuous Optimization

The plan has been set in motion and now Third Marble goes to work to continuously improve your results. By eliminating poor ads and keywords (weeding) and expanding those ads and keywords that are performing well (feeding), we manage your AdWords to try to get you the maximum number of quality visitors for whatever budget you choose.

If you wanted to start Display Ads, Re-marketing Ads, or Video Ads, we begin that process at this point as well – again – for whatever budget you choose.

It is very important that you understand that we never lock you into a long-term contract. These services can be paused, restarted, increased or decreased at anytime.

Ready to get started with AdWords?

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