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Google Ads Management for Small Businesses

Our Goal-Oriented Google Ads Management Service can help your Small Business Grow!

Your time is valuable.
You need marketing solutions, not problems.
You need customers now, not later.

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Our Google Ads Management Service for Small Business Owners is designed to drive quality traffic to your website – this means the visitors are very likely to become sales leads for your sales team. How? Because we work hard to only show your ads to highly targeted people – people searching for your products and services that are physically located in your target geographic area.

Goal-Oriented Google Ads Management

Our process is designed to get you the most for whatever monthly budget you choose. As a small business owner, we know you can’t afford to throw money at advertising that doesn’t work. So, we start small, get you some leads, then grow.

Our process is methodical. We engineered our Google Ads Management Service to produce results. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Here are the phases that we’ll go through when managing your campaigns.


  • Find the top keywords only
  • Setup a few high-level ad groups
  • Start with one or two ads
  • Objective – quickly start an initial campaign for primary services
  • Duration – a few days


  • Analyze initial data from Phase 1
  • Schedule a “Strategy Pow-wow” call with client
  • Discuss campaign and business goals
  • Objective – align campaign with business’s objectives
  • Duration – about 1 week


  • Analyze data
  • Optimize account
  • Setup new ads and keywords based on initial data
  • Objective – use data to expand campaign
  • Duration – about 3 weeks


  • Analyze data from Phase 3
  • Optimize account as needed
  • Implement Smart Bidding Models and Ads
  • Objective – establish baseline for Smart Models
  • Duration – about 4 weeks


  • Analyze data from Phase 4
  • Determine top Ad text and adjust
  • Determine final keyword strategy
  • Objective – help Smart Models be more effective
  • Duration – about 4 weeks

On-Going Optimization: 

  • Analyze data
  • Adjust keywords and ads
  • Adjust bids and campaign settings
  • Objective – maximize your sales
  • Duration – continuous

Ultimately, we try to use Google Ads to help you grow your small business. If at any point you feel that your results are not meeting your expectations, simply let us know and we’ll schedule a call with you to strategize a new direction for your campaigns.

For most businesses, you can expect Google Ads to generate between $3 and $5 for every $1 you spend in Ads. It doesn’t happen overnight in most cases. A typical small business can expect to get pretty good results in a month or two. If we don’t think we can get you to your goals, we’ll let you know.

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