AdWords Management for Web Design Agencies

AdWords Management for Web Design Agencies

It’s Simple Math:

More Services = More Clients

AdWords management for website design agencies includes mobile and desktop ads.

Our “AdWords Management for Website Design Agencies” helps your client’s new website get traffic quickly.

As a website design agency, you’ve probably been asked about Google AdWords. Do you know if you’ve ever lost a contract to another agency that offers a Google AdWords Management Service?

Don’t let that happen again. In only a few short hours, you can add AdWords to your arsenal of services. Third Marble’s AdWords Management for Agencies program is designed to work in one of two ways:

  1. We can act as a white-labelled subcontractor.
  2. We can work as your business partner.

Either way, our objective is to make you look like the hero in the eyes of your clients.

“White-Label” AdWords Management Service:

  1. Our AdWords management fees are charged to you directly.
  2. We provide you with reports regarding the performance of each of your client’s accounts.
  3. You then review the data with your client directly (more billable project hours).
  4. Third Marble does not interact with your clients.
  5. You charge your client an AdWords management fee, if you choose.
  6. We can charge the cost of the clicks from AdWords to your credit card, or your client’s card.
  7. You can add “AdWords Management” to your website as a service.

“AdWords Partner” Service:

  1. Our AdWords management fees are billed directly to your client.
  2. We provide you and your client with Third Marble reports, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. You can choose to review the data with your client as well.
  4. You act as the consultant that manages Third Marble and the AdWords account.
  5. You can choose to bill your client a “Management Fee” for your time.
  6. We set-up the account to charge your client’s credit card for the cost of the clicks.
  7. You can add Third Marble to your website s your “AdWords Management” partner.

Since we’ve found that small businesses don’t just need a website, they need that website to make the phone ring. That’s what this service is all about.  Imagine the glowing reviews you’ll get when the website that you just built starts generating new leads for your client in a week or two.

Here’s what some of our web design customers are saying about our AdWords Management for Agencies Service:

“Our clients are impressed when the phone rings a week or two after we launch a website.  Third Marble ads work within a few days.  Our customer’s praise makes us feel like rock stars and has our clients referring us even more business.”

“Wow.  Simple and effective.”

“I love the keyword data AdWords provides. We use the Third Marble reports to figure out our client’s target keywords for SEO.”

“I was going to hire a full time ppc expert, but using Third Marble made more sense.”

For more details about our AdWords Management for Web Design Agencies service, please visit our AdWords for Agencies website at, or call us at 804-638-9866.