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Case Study – Geographic Intent

An Interior Designer client in Florida was experiencing a very low conversion rate, even though all the keywords were very specific to their services.


After two months of working with another agency, our client discovered that she was paying $1401 for each phone call. The keywords were making sense and the ads were fairly well written. It wasn’t obvious to the casual observer that the campaign wasn’t working, other than the very high cost per conversion.


The keywords described the offer and the service, but in a way that had more of a “National” or “Ecommerce” intent. In other words, the keywords not only described wha the client was selling, but those same keywords could be used by someone looking for the same products and services from a national ecommerce website, like Home Depot.


  1. Re-create the entire campaign to focus on targeting local phrases.
  2. Use only keywords with geo-modified terms like “near me” and “Miami FL” included with the services. 
  3. Write geographically dynamic ads to insert the local city name of the person doing the search into all of the ads.


  1. Cost per Conversion fell from $1401 to $204.
  2. Total monthly Ad Cost was reduced by 50%.
  3. Click through rates on the ads increased from 1.23% to 3.22%.
  4. Quality Scores improved.
  5. More of leads were looking for local services vs. national advertisers.


Google Ads Geographic Intent Case Study.

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