Free Google Visibility Assessment

Is your Small Business’s Website Visible on Google?

Are you Visible on Google? That’s the first question you need answered before starting any Search Engine Marketing.  So, we’ve created our Google Visibility Assessment Reports for your small business’s website to answer that question.  We search Google for several keyword phrases related to your products and services to see if your website is getting visibility on Page One of Google’s Search Results Pages.  We then prepare a report for your business’s website with the results of the searches and what position your website appeared on Page One.

A Google Visibility Report can help you see whether your visible on Google or not. The report includes a competitive analysis of your local competitors as well.  This gives you an insight into how visible your website is compared to you local competitors, and it also gives us an idea of how much exposure other websites are getting on Page One of Google, for the search phrases related to your business and your target geography.

If we find that your website is not very visible – in other words, your website does not appear on Page One of Google for at least 25% of the keyword phrases for your products and services, then call us to find out why – and we might be able to give you a few free pointers as well.

To get started, simply fill-out our request form for a Free Google Visibility Assessment.

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