Google Ads Management

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Google Partner Simulcast Event today!

Today, Sept 30, 2015, Third Marble hosted a Google Partner Connect event which included a simulcast from some of the AdWords folks from Google. Google discussed the trends in mobile marketing.

Google Partner in Richmond, VA

Third Marble hosted a Google Partner event on Sept 30, 2015.

In general, people are using their phones more frequently, but each interaction is taking less time to complete. They also said that conversion rates from mobile websites has increased significantly. The conclusion was that businesses are getting better at designing mobile websites and people are finding what they’re looking for faster.

For small business, Google recommends designing your website for the mobile phone, then worry about what it looks like on a desktop. Just this year, mobile searches have exceeded desktop and tablet searches combined.  That trend will continue, so if you are looking to re-design your website to be useful for the next few years, design for mobile.

There was also some related discussion about how 41% of adults use “voice search”. This has changed the keywords that people use to search. Before voice search, search terms were short due to the tiny keyboards on smart phones. With voice search, search terms has become very long and often in the form of a question.  This impacts keyword selection for PPC and any SEO you’re doing.

There was a general review of AdWords and Google+ My Business in which Google outlined how some of the more advanced AdWords features can be used to increase click through rates and conversions. They also made it very clear that small businesses should really pay attention to their Google+ My Business Page and get reviews.

Thanks again to everyone that attended, and a special thanks to New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Richmond, VA for allowing us to use their facility!