SEO Services for Small Businesses

Local SEO Services for Small Business.

Local Search Engine Optimization for small businesses is very different than optimizing for national advertisers. Our SEO Service is specifically designed to help small, local business owners and our packages are priced accordingly.

What is the cost of your Local SEO Service?

We have 3 options for our Local SEO Service:

  1. $299 for 1/2 day of SEO work per month.
  2. $499 for Two 1/2 days per month.
  3. $799 for Four 1/2 days per month.

For all of our Local SEO Services, the work we do includes:

  • SEO Audits of your website, citations and other SEO indicators.
  • Installation of SEO plug-ins.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Content creation for long-tail keyword terms.
  • Monthly reporting.
  • Help with online reviews – tools and advice.
  • Onsite SEO – schema, tags, headers, etc…
  • Offsite SEO – Good backlinks from over 350 Citation websites.
  • Google+ SEO.
  • and much more as needed.

What about Contracts?

There is no long-term contract for our Local SEO Services. You may cancel our service at anytime, or you can upgrade or down-grade from one monthly plan to another whenever you would like. You also get to keep all the work that was implemented. In exchange for your monthly fees, we agree to provide our expert skills to apply Google approved tactics and strategies to help you get more listings on page one of search engines.

What can I expect?  How long will the Local SEO take?

We hope you will start seeing results after only a few months, however, we ask that you understand that you may not see results for 3 to 6 months. We obviously will work hard to make sure that does not happen and it is our goal to make this program profitable for you as quickly as possible. Your results are completely dependent on factors that are beyond our control – such as the number of competitors in your area, their level of SEO efforts and any and all changes that Google makes that affect rankings.

Bottom line: The more you spend, the more work we do, the faster you get to page one.

There are specific tasks that need to be completed to optimize webpages for local searches, so if you want to be on page one fast, or you’re in a very competitive environment, consider the $799 package. If you’re not sure, please call us for more information and a quick assessment of your current website.

Local SEO Richmond VAJust so we’re all very clear, SEO is not a guaranteed science. Our program is simply an agreement to provide work for your company’s website. Google changes their search engine ranking algorithms frequently, and those changes are trade secrets of Google. We will change our tactics as Google changes their algorithm, but we cannot predict the future of SEO or your future rankings on any search engine.

As a certified third-party supplier of Google services, Google prohibits us from guaranteeing any results. (Beware – If someone else is guaranteeing their Local SEO results, you may not be talking to an official Google third-party provider.)

See our List of Local SEO Ranking Factors.

See our List of National SEO Ranking Factors.

What are the Benefits of this Local SEO Service?

  1. Obviously, get more business from Google.
  2. SEO by experienced, professional internet marketers.
  3. We follow Google’s guidelines, so you will not be blacklisted by Google in the future.
  4. This package is designed exclusively for local businesses with WordPress websites – so we can be as efficient as possible and keep our prices as low as possible.

Normally, experienced SEO professionals charge $150-$200 per hour. At 10-14 hours, this level of SEO work would cost between $1500 and $2800 per month.

How can you do that level of SEO work for only $799 per month?

Because our SEO agency only does SEO and AdWords work, we don’t have the huge overhead of web design staff like other agencies have. We’re not paying for copywriters, graphic artists, web programmers and branding consultants. We have Local SEO down to a science and have been able to streamline and focus the SEO activities to only the most effective tactics first.

Because our team is so experienced with WordPress, they don’t need to spend time training on other website platforms.

What to expect.

Month 1 – Depending on what work has been done already, the first month is mostly set-up work, keyword research and generally creating a strategy of the next priority tasks.
Month 2 – This is usually when the meta tag work and other onsite SEO changes begins. We also begin working on Google+ strategies, business listings and citations and review management.
Month 3 and beyond – Continuing the adding and editing business listings and citations, monitor results and make adjustments, fix website schema, fix meta issues, fix content issues and provide reports.

Why Citations?

Basically, citations are your businesses information – like phone number, address, email and other business information on other websites. By creating and constantly updating citations, Google gets consistent confirmation that you are a real business and you keep current with your internet information. All things being equal, a company with good citations will tend to out-rank all the competitors.

These websites also appear on page one of Google, so by being on these citation websites, you also increase

The citation websites that we work with are all recognized by Google as quality websites and the back-links from these websites will help improve your search engine results. Google loves businesses with numerous high-quality citations. Only a popular business would have their information on so many websites.

Local SEO Citations and Local SEO services

Why Reviews?

Reviews are becoming more and more important – especially for the Google Map Pins. A company with one 3-star review will never out-rank a company with 20 reviews averaging 4.3 stars. This is a long-term strategy that takes time to develop. Our Review Management service will help you get the reviews you need by providing you with some tools, but you will be the one that needs to interact with your customers to get them to review your company.

In a nutshell, good, frequent online reviews tell Google that your business is worth putting on page one.

SEO service for review ratings and review management.

Why would Google list your Google+ page with no ratings, when it can display all your competitors that have excellent ratings? “Review Management” pays dividends.

Why Tags and Permalinks?

Your websites tags are what Google uses to determine what keywords your website will rank for. If all the stars are aligned, Google knows exactly what each of your web pages and blog posts are about. Comparing a web page to a hard-back book, each page has a title, a description of the page, headlines, call outs, images and other indicators. If all these “tags” say the same thing, the Google doesn’t have to work very hard to figure out what you’re web pages are about.

Google loves it when you make it easy for them.

Bringing it all together:

At a high level, the strategy is fairly simple…

  1. Optimized tags and other onsite elements make it easy for Google to know what you do.
  2. Reviews tell Google you’re the best in the area.
  3. Citations confirm to Google that your are very active in your geographic area.

Sound good?  Then take the next step:

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