I don’t get it.

Why do small business owners let other online advertising agencies get away with the “Website Traffic Scam”?

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you may be a victim also. Let me explain.

In simple terms, you can classify website traffic two ways – visitors that want to do business with you and visitors that won’t. If someone is searching for what you sell and they live near your location, then they’ll probably buy from you. If they don’t live near your small business or they aren’t searching for what you sell, they probably won’t.

You see, I can drive 10,000 visitors to anyone’s website. But, I guarantee they will NEVER buy from you. All I have to do is build a bunch of links to you website that say “Free Money”. Do you think anyone that clicked on that link will buy your product or service? No. But I drove “traffic”, right? But how much would you pay a company to drive 10,000 visitors to your website? $1000? What a deal! That’s only 10 cents per visitor!

What if I could drive 50 visitors to your website for $100? That sounds like a bad deal right? That’s $2.00 per visitor – 20 times the cost as the deal above.

Let’s say you own a small Maid Service in Anytown, USA. What if those visitors to your website just entered the search term “Maid Service in Anytown, USA” into Google and they live with in 10 miles of your location? How many of those visitors to your website would pick-up the phone and call you about your service? 1 in 10? 1 in 20? Each phone call would cost you around $20-$40 dollars. If the profit from your average customer is $200, then you would make money (about $160-$180 per customer).

By contrast, if you spend $1000 on worthless traffic to get zero phone calls from 10,000 visitors that don’t live near you that were looking for Free Money, you just lost $1000.

I’m exaggerating to make a point – not all traffic is created equal – and not all traffic will drive new customers. Be careful when you hire an advertising agency that promises traffic, not customers. Don’t fall victim to the “Website Traffic Scam”.

I hope this helps.