AdWords Management for Franchises

AdWords Management for Franchises

Franchise owners typically have a unique set of Google challenges.  Since most franchise owners rely on their franchisor for a website, they typically only have one or two pages on the main corporate website.  Often, these pages are hard to optimize for good positions on page one of Google.

Unlike other AdWords management services for franchises:

      • We do not pay the corporate franchisor any part of your fees.  (We figure you pay them enough already.)
      • We do not share your data with the corporate office without your permission.
      • We offer our franchisee customers a discount for referring us to other franchises.
      • We are completely transparent with your AdWords data. We give you the exact data from the AdWords system.
      • We do not markup the cost of the clicks. You know exactly what you spent on clicks and what you paid us.

AdWords Management for Franchises. Franchise owners can use Google AdWords to help build their business.“We’ve used companies like Reach Local but Third Marble delivered literally double the leads at half the cost.”

Hunter M, Marketing Director
National Career College

If you’re working with your franchisor’s “preferred vendor”, it’s time to question the status quo.  Call Us!